Thick and Thin Cam Girls

Dibs on the… well, you know.


  1. Smash both.
  2. Smash one.
  3. Smash none.

Sorry don’t have the video link anymore, but this is pretty much all of it.

23 Responses to Thick and Thin Cam Girls

  1. One

    when the spinster teacher and the thirty-something teacher teach virtual classes.

  2. GSLUB

    Smash them both.

  3. regerwurm03

    The right one has a great ass

  4. Suresh

    Both. But the left one is better.

  5. TheThirstisReal

    Triple AAA.
    Maybe take a few minutes to breathe. Eat something. Maybe drink something. Smoke a lil something.. Then Triple AAA again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  6. nasirjonesASR

    saw them on cam once. it was a real let down. i was tryna tip them to go ham but they just did whatever.

  7. Repo

    I would have smashed the one to the left.

  8. I wood

    The both of them

  9. Ty

    Both but the on the left is killing it wit the phat ass and pixie cut.

  10. Ty

    Both but the on the left is killing it with the phat ass and pixie cut.

  11. Beans

    B. Smashing the one on the right. Not a fan of short hair.

  12. KingJ

    A. Both, because 2 is better than 1

  13. Bigmoney

    The girl on the left is the winner,she should receive the hard dick grand prize

  14. resevoir_dog

    left for so many reasons

  15. poohbia

    Chick on the left hands down

  16. yabajaba

    “jaylynxxxx” from chaturbate.

    The main girl is the one on the right. She occasionally cams with another girl or two but the one with her here is easily the best.

  17. Al Bundy

    The one on the left wins.

  18. iceman8069

    LEFT!!! all day!!!

  19. newt

    A. Smash both

    And getting smashed back. On the face. While the other is jumping up and down the pole ride. 🙂

  20. COE

    BOTD have to disagree with you on this one.

    • botd

      Disagree with what? All I said was smash both, smash one or smash none. It’s logically impossible to disagree with all those. You have to agree with one.

    • Yeah


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