Fine Friday Frontals – Part 9

23 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 9

  1. Jb007

    Who is model in picture number 8? She is lying or standing against a wood stack. She is her body is a natural beauty. Love those brown nipples.

  2. Xandi1983

    Please 10 , 11 names

  3. Jorge

    Please I need the name of the model #5 in pink thong anybody knows her name or link to get her??

  4. Bootyfreek

    I would be all over that redhead, her waist is tiny!

  5. Steven

    Does anyone know who’s this girl??

    • King Bootius Waximus

      Mr. Steven- That ass belongs to Linda Durbesson. French woman. Enjoy the titilating my friend

      BOTD… I’ve been informed by one of my colleagues, whom like myself is a fellow lover of the female glute, that VIRGO PERIDOT has recently done some work with the BangBros network. Spread the wealth and share the good news with a feature, will you not?

      • botd

        Thanks bro. Yeah I’m working on it.

      • Steven

        Thanks bro

  6. Bayman

    Who is the #1 plz ?

  7. kyle429

    Are #10 and #11 the same chick?

    All of them could get it, but my favorites are #2 #6 #8 #11 and #12

  8. Caesar

    #8 & 14 both can get it 24/7

  9. DG

    14 is the winner

  10. iceman8069

    They are all gorgeous….but #’s 1&2 are fucking beautiful!

  11. Steve o

    I don’t know about on desktop but from mobile u can hold picture and do Google search of the image

  12. Charlles Pepper

    Who is the model that is lying on the stairs?

  13. mr assman

    There are some fine looking women in this post. Damn I want to fuck all of them until my sick falls off.

  14. Jason

    BOTD…. look @ this girl she has a nice ass.

    • botd

      I agree. I’ll post more of her someday.

    • Maxwell

      Jason dawg, she got more cottage cheese than knudsens and Kraft put together. Just being brutally honest, would I smash yea of course, but to me she’s fat chic who gets a pass nothing to write home about.

      • botd

        Man I definitely don’t share your taste at all Maxwell cause Anja Dee is the epitome of BOTD type. That’s why I posted her 3 times and will post more.

      • Bootox

        Man, I like her proportions. You can complain about some “cottage cheese” but I tell you it’s really hard to see a girl with an ass this big without some (near impossible). Just to add, there’s one of her pics that shows her before and she was really overweight.

        Smash her all day…

  15. Yeah

    Woot some FFF’s…gotta love em man.

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