11 Responses to Thick Lola Foxx Sucks and Fucks

  1. beardo

    She is sexy as fuck.

  2. ilovemesomebooty

    *Catagories : Anal* FFS!! I cringe everytime when i see one of my favorite big booty pornstar doing anal. The girls don’t enjoy it, so why the fuck ruin the scene?!! It’s so difficult to find normal big booty porn. There’s always a sprinkle of Anal somewhere in the video. Either a buttplug, a nasty finger or full blown anal penetration.

    Stuff like this makes me think that everyone who enjoy’s this stuff is secretly bisexual. There’s nothing wrong with loving Anal, but for it to be in every single porn scene? The industry is oversaturated with ANAL!

  3. GloBroYo
  4. Contributing

    Been following her videos for a while. She actually started out with a petite figure, but with each new video she seems to be getting curvier! Here’s one of her scenes from 2014 –> http://videomegaporn.com/team-skeet-teen-curves-lola-foxx-poke-this-pocahontas/

    • C.A.

      She’s adorable, and definitely getting curvier. But I’ve seen that Teen Curves video and she is not a great performer.

  5. Jason

    I can’t click the link. 🙁 It’s like when I click the link it’s like the paige opens & closes really quick. 🙁 Um… does anybody have the link to this scene?! :O

  6. Bootyman96

    She’s back!!! Oh man I’m so excited to see her scene.

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