25 Responses to Anastasia Lux Bouncin and Bangin

  1. Ted

    Mm mm!

  2. BlackKojak
  3. G-Unit

    these heels are very practical (1st pic)

  4. Jason

    HEY YALL. THIS IS IT. THIS THE LAST TIME I MENTION THIS… LOOK @ ALL THIS ASS RIGHT HERE!!! OMFG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAT7eHsggwM & HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtwntGqbUQo if you like football…. you will like this. It’s good football in the spring/summer months. lol

    • poohbia

      Is this spam? This dude puts up these links every other post…

  5. Alley Al

    Bustin’ till my balls hurt! Seriously though, I’d have to take an entire day diggin’ her out. Not a one nut and done chick, plus she look like she could make a dude a sandwich in between pounds! Plus some sports drank, need the ‘lectrolytes, can’t get dehydrated… cramps and shiz!

  6. BootyFreak

    That’s the kind of thick woman I want ridin me! Of course I would eat her ass dry.

  7. Darius Taylor

    She’s thiclicious

  8. Rizzo

    Gentlemen. Any help on finding out who this girl is, is greatly appreciated. My cock will thank you. And I’ve seen her before but not sure where.


    • spacemonkey

      OhhTerra or Terra Thicknjuicy

      • Rizzo

        Thanks dude! Too bad I couldn’t find a webpage or anything else of her other than pornhub. Guessing she got out of the business or something.

        • Glencocoe

          Yeah bro she’s from the dailymotion days before it died…she’s a bunch of stuff all over the place. Issue is mainly quality of the vid

  9. Pete

    I love this woman

    • 100 cm lover

      YOU. ARE. A. GOD!

  10. poohbia

    Just my type, I definitely would not pull out

  11. iceman8069

    I want to fuck this chick so bad! she’s so sexy and gorgeous! She seems like she has great pussy too!

    • mafim

      I would die happy if her and sara jay finnaly make an anal video… damn… lol

  12. natedrake

    any info on this pawg? trust me guys it’s woth your attention and time.


    thanks in advance =)

    • Yabajaba

      Cant remember her name atm but she’s prego in lot of her camshows, hence the reason she always lies in that same position.

    • MFC Monster

      her username on MyFreeCams was TheLoveShakes

  13. IGotQuestions4You

    Hey BOTD, why don’t you post any lonelyst4r stuff? she has a great ass!

    • botd

      Too boyish.

      • pawg

        Will be post that everyone writes their top 10 or top 20 big booty pornstars?

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