Curvy Girls in Sexy Dresses – Part 6

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79 Responses to Curvy Girls in Sexy Dresses – Part 6

  1. fatastic

    If only I could learn the name of the girl at 0.30

  2. GotBootyOnMyMind
  3. joe3000
    • Dibz

      Poohbia you’re always on point.

    • caride

      give us names brother

      • HabitualSurfer

        gr@55ntittie5 on IG

  4. Jethro Toll
  5. CakeLuva
    • Zorken

      great minds*

    • Zorken

      Thanks for that, grest minds think alike.. if an ass ain’t got no cellulite it ain’t fat enough for me..

  6. MrBlack
    • HabitualSurfer


  7. joe3000

    anyone know the name of the girl on the left?

    • Chris

      What about the one on the right?

      • joe3000

        the one on the right is thickn1kk1

    • Anonymous

      IG = ʎɹɹɹǝq‾sɯ

      • joe3000

        didnt realise it was berry . .cheers man

    • MrSir

      Who dis

  8. Trevasotilo

    best candid big ass video you will ever see – well at least it is for me

    • talifavi

      LAWD, dats a wonderful PAWG MILF

    • caride

      she is great lets find more from here

  9. Ya boi skinny penis
  10. joe3000

    ya cant beat watching a woman struggle to get her pants on over her fat ass

    • HabitualSurfer

      A superb ass

    • bana

      now take them off :l

    • talifavi


  11. lolman

    ‎You are not ready for what you’re about to see:


    • MrSir

      Watching this reminds me that life isn’t fair.

    • HabitualSurfer


    • talifavi

      dat hourglass!

      • talifavi

        and she’s 5’10” ! goddamn

  12. CakeLuva
    • Chris


    • caride

      she is great

  13. naughtynuff4u
  14. boobhead

    4 & 7. Gorgeous. 9 is the lovely @nhlfit and 1 is @desixchick.

    I’m a fool for those, erm, sash or double sash dresses… if you have the word that gives the best results for a search on those dresses pls let me know (english not my native tongue).

  15. AreJay

    4,6,8,10 & 12 names?

    • HabitualSurfer

      Sexy AF

    • Jethro Toll

      who is the second one?

      • Dibz

        I love this second one too!

      • HabitualSurfer

        shhh31b55 on IG

  16. Zorken

    Wooowwww congrats for one more post, BOTD!!!

  17. Blue

    Thanks for coming back!!

  18. botd

    Thanks tali.

  19. me

    whos no.1 ?

  20. Gravy

    Shows how much smut is out there when I’d rather see girls in dresses than butt naked

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