17 Responses to Naked Jackie Stevens Mirror Mirror

  1. Leroy

    This woman knows how to get a man’s attention

  2. JGDragon

    That ass does make a motherfucker hungry!

  3. Denton

    OMFG, that 7 second dancing in the mirror is without doubt my favorite clip on here. I do believe i could literally sit and look at that 24 hours straight. It just never gets old.
    Would truly love to see the original video.

    She has a mindblowing leg workout video on xhamster: http://xhamster.com/movies/1479114/sexy_gym_strip.html

  4. Beans

    Wish that was my bed she was jumping into.

  5. DG

    nice booty perfect tiddies

  6. Kingjames

    Other girl is misslouboutin19. Not photoshopped, but ass implants.

  7. Bootox

    Not bad! I would jump after her, and would fuck her from behind……HMMMMNNN!!!!

    • Bootox

      Well, no info about the first girl, but her pic looks photoshoped as hell….
      The second one though, is Bridgette Glass and her pic is also photoshoped. Her ass is nice on the original, though.

      Google Images is an option when in doubt.

    • Alpha

      I think the girl in the first video might be Marta La Croft

    • Leathernuts

      2nd girl is Summer Rae, i want dat booty

  8. Spungn

    Never heard of her before either, but……I am IN LOVE. This chick is PERFECT!! Nice find BOTD!!!!

  9. poohbia

    Never heard of her before, nice

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