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  1. Zep

    I’d love to see some Katherine Gomez posted on here. She’s MIA, not sure if her thickness falls into or surpasses this pages standards, but she is butt boss.

  2. Hentai Jose

    Also, welcome back! I’ve been following this page for years, glad to see this page lively again!

    • botd

      Thanks bro. You too, wb.

  3. Hentai Jose

    That’s Carli Nicki


    OF is trash, for 17.99 all the good shit (Hardcore, solo dildo, etc.) are the ones that you have to pay for additionally in your DMs.

    It’s really sad that most of these women charge absurd prices for low effort content, especially considering that there’s a lot leaked and free shit out there, or better value through PH or other porn networks. Simps be ruining it for everyone cause they’re the ones paying the ridiculous prices.

    We should make a list of OF thick girls that are worth it for what they charge.

    JesseSwitch is def one of em, HIGHLY recommended.

    • botd

      True, I always get disappointed when I subscribe to a girl’s OF. Oh well.

  4. Bootybemykryptonite

    Can’t dance for shit but that thiccness tho hm hmm

    And btw welcome back king, blessing us with dem bitches. Saw you did a well needed clean up too hahaha

    • botd

      Thanks bro. Haha true, seems like that dude was taking advantage to spam his stuff.

  5. Anonymous


    Welcome back! With the porn chans disappearing, gonzo porn dead+buried, and Onlyfans going ka-put soon (bbw-chan+reddit are fucked), your timing couldn’t be better. I wish I was kidding.
    Here’s to giving back. Girl-Next-Door Type. No Surgery. No Tatts. Photo sets for all the ol’ heads (pre-internet fappers):




    • botd

      Thanks bro. Yeah Lanie’s hot. Post her best videos.

      Also, I thought OnlyFans was just getting rid of porn, rather than going kaput altogether. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • BootyBay

        Hey Welcome back! To answer your question, you are correct, they are only removing sexual/porn related content, but nudes will still be allowed apparently.

        • botd

          Okay cool, thanks bro. Man I gotta update this code to put likes on comments. But it’ll be an upside down heart, like a booty.

          • botd

            I mean I understand why they banned porn from Tumblr. Because sites actually need to make money eventually, and so they needed to advertise. But with OnlyFans, they were making money from the girls themselves. A quick search and I found “to protect its partnerships with banks and payment providers”. But that doesn’t make sense. Don’t actual porn sites also use banks and payment providers.

    • botd

      Not sure if you’re the one who recommended people use numbers instead of letters on a girl’s name, but yeah you were right. Got a few DMCA takedowns in the last couple of years.

  6. Peachsplitter

    Turn around… Just TURN AROUND!

    Ps Thank you for coming back. I thought this site was lost forever.

    • botd

      n/p bro… I need to add likes to comments to show appreciation.

  7. David Andres Santacruz Lopez

    Bruh the King is back, omg i thought the Page was dead

    • botd

      I’ll try to keep posting. The more comments I see on the posts, the more I’ll make new posts.

  8. botd

    I’ll wait until I see a few comments on these latest two, then I’ll post more.

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