36 Responses to Curvy TikTok Girls in Dresses Part 3

  1. vikivik

    somebody pls share #5’s name, how can one ignore her sexy round thick thighs…plssss

  2. Richard

    #7, #9 and #10 please.

  3. dka


  4. gin


    • lolman

      nvm i just saw the name on the title lmao

  5. Chris

    #4 por favor?

  6. Chig


  7. Shlifter

    #3, #4, and #12 my boy.

    • botd

      That’s a little too much for me personally. Nice find though.

    • tilde

      clip link is broken, her name? she’s perfect

  8. Tight Dresses

    Mostly looking for 1,2,5,6,11. But all would be appreciated but that would be asking too much, great collection here.

  9. mr_frantic

    #12 id?

  10. Yabajaba

    Is it just me or do all mainstream porn sites just fuckin suck now? Pornhub included.

    I go to browse, maybe find somethin new, but it’s seemingly always the same shit. Sometimes the top/common results are dominated by the SAME models across every one of these sites: Xham, Xvids, etcetc. Reddit has been ESPECIALLY fucked since they made it easy to spam across multiple subreddits, so now it’s just mediocre OnlyFans promos. And that’s on top of average-assed girls using filters & favorable angles/positions to look bigger/thicker lol.

    Once in a blue moon, I browse to find that one gem of a pawg who hasn’t been discovered by the internet but I kinda just don’t have the patience anymore. It doesn’t help when these sites have built-in hidden algorithms to favor specific content; at the end of the day, they’re definitely in competition with each other for that sweet traffic/ad revenue.

    Tumblr was pretty great before the great porn ban; there was some top-quality pawgs on there who had a tendency to just delete their accounts & vanish, leaving only some content behind by whoever happened to have saved them.

    • botd

      Not just you. I used to visit XHamster every day religiously. Now I see nothing I can work with. Same with the other sites. That’s probably why I’m trying to go through all the JAV stuff nowadays to find material.

      • Yabajaba


        She stands out in the sense that she’s a white girl in JAV but her proportions are on point.

        Also, that site has a huge amount of vids.

        • Dachardi

          June Lovejoy is incredible! I like her body, her face, but what is really special about her is her dedication, the effort she puts into her work, making it look like not just a job but real sex.

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