The Good Life

Was gonna make an interactive version of this where you can choose your own good life by pressing buttons to change the food, pet, what’s on TV, and size. For example, pizza, a cat, South Park and big, or Chinese Food, a tiger, Grand Theft Auto V and bigger. But that would take way too long.

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  1. mr assman

    BOTD, serious question is that your girl? If not where are you finding this pics?

    • botd

      Yeah right haha. If it was a post about me, it’d be called The No Life and would just be a pic of a computer. Nah but this particular pic I got from Reddit, but if you do a Google Image Search, it looks like it’s all over. I get stuff from everywhere. Can’t really list all the sources here, but most of the time I post the source.

      Also I wouldn’t be eating ice cream. It’s bad for my figure.

      • DG

        a few posts before you posted this a dude asked how to submit things to you from her ex

        • botd

          True but I try not to encourage people to submit cause I’m kinda picky about what I post.

          • DG


  2. Willie Beamon

    My ex used to walk around just like that. She had a nice ass too. Lol.

  3. Blackfrost

    I love all of this either but a star wars button would be icing on the cake lol

    • joey

      Hell yes Blackfrost. I’m thinking Pizza, Beer, the Dog, and a Star Wars Marathon while hanging out with that girl and her awesome ass. Now that’s a pretty perfect day if I may say so myself ……

  4. thatass

    who is she ? i love that beautiful legs, ass, and her blonde hair…
    what a beautiful woman…

  5. Udder Appreciation

    Dog: fine. Ice cream: fine. Girl: fine. TV: change to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or House of Cards.

  6. DG

    good life watching south park? not trying to hate but that show is stupid af and the only people ive met who like that show are retards

    • botd

      You either get it or you don’t. Just like Seinfeld. Some people just don’t get it. But that’s okay, I would’ve put a Honey Boo Boo button too. Which btw, was brilliantly parodied in South Park S16E09.

    • Demetrius

      Everyone needs a mental break whilst drinking and fucking. Hide the remote and her car keys. South park is on!

  7. Spungn

    That’s actually a REALLY kool idea, but, ya…..sounds complicated. This is just fine as is though!!

  8. r roy

    I’d say this is pretty fine just as it is…..perfecto!

  9. iceman8069

    What a nice ass!

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