9 Responses to Mean Girl

  1. a

    And yea, this isnt spam read the “hourglass” related one

  2. a

    Yea I used to date her. She ain’t all that

  3. vanpre

    I just wanna know who that is…..

    • botd

      I put up some links. See above.

  4. Richardcranium

    I hate when girls stick their asses out to make em look better. Stand the fuck up strait

    • maxamilli

      Testify …. i hate that shit

  5. blackfrost

    wonder what she wears the other days of the week

  6. Jason


    • botd

      Her name is hips_swinggg from Reddit. She doesn’t have that many pics cause she deleted her old account. I added some links above.

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