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  1. Checho

    Hola botd, sabes la fuente original de este video?, es para un tarea

  2. joeblowshoes

    Got it! Her name is Suzuka Tone. http://www.jams-s.com/works/SND-19/index.html.

  3. joeblowshoes

    it is not miria takamine.

    this is miria takamine: xhamster.com/movies/1975064/thick_asian_fuck_censored_p1.html

    hope this helped.

  4. Bootyman96

    I love Asian chicks, but can we see more Asian-American chicks? Like London Keys or Asa Akira?

    • botd

      It wouldn’t be appropriate tho, their booties are not that big. But here’s a decent Asa Akira gif for you.


  5. blackfrost

    i love the blurriness in Japaneses porn.

  6. TP

    It’s a pity that a small schlong always pokes the bigger finer asian women in these videos. What they really need, sincerely, is to get dick-drunk on some really massive cock. Nothing better than a thick girl getting owned from behind.

    • botd

      Tru but I doubt these girls care about the size of your schlong more than the size of your wallet.

      In my case, they’re both kinda small, but one day soon they shall both be huge through hard work and pills from Ron Jeremy.

      • TP

        I agree that they mainly care about the size of your wallet. I just somehow feel that I would feel like I truly win at life if I could do that ass justice by smashing with a massive dong instead of a smaller pecker; NOTE: You still win regardless because you got to bang such a girl, but wouldn’t you feel victorious if you could actually break her?

    • Bootyman96

      I guess Viagra is definitely out of the question lmao

      • botd

        My bad that you didn’t see this comment when you submitted it. It’s cause comments with the word Viagra go to the spam folder because of all the spam messages associated with it. haha

  7. botd

    Last one of her that received my uhh blessing…


    Gonna go lay down cause haven’t slept.

    Next post will be 8 chicks for Curves of the Year that you can choose and fight over in the comments.

    • Spungn


    • anon

      PLEASE! What are the sources on original videos?

      • ;_;

        ;_; pls

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