Japan’s Finest

From FLAV-190

Who would you guys pick if you had to pick one?

  1. Shiori Tsukada
  2. Nina Nishimura
  3. I can’t handle either of them.

I know most of you prefer Shiori. I like Nina though. Not cause I’m just trying to be different, but I think I prefer thick looking tits and ass over bubbly looking tits and ass.

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8 Responses to Japan’s Finest

  1. Ayo

    Nina surpasses Shiori. I want to knock up Nina

  2. jerris m.

    I like the japanese girl in the orange, double fire!!!

  3. jerris m.

    ssshwing!! japanese girl is fire..

  4. Suresh

    Japanese women are something special always.

  5. Hentai Jose

    Shiori Tsukada is the best fucking ass of Japan!!!!! I’d hands down choose her. Straight wifey material.

    That being said, I hereby bless this post! BAM

    Shiori Getting Wrecked – https://spankbang.com/6540z/video/shikada+gettin+wrekt

    Shiori Taking it Deep – https://spankbang.com/39tvz/video/you+know+big+tits+queen+nikm+009

    Shiori Solo Masturbation

    Thicc Asian Ass and Thigh jobs – https://spankbang.com/5mdcy/video/japanese+assjobs+thighjobs+compilation+1

    (Bonus) Super Thicc Japanese thighs and ass – https://spankbang.com/1dnbd/video/thick+asian+ass

    • Hentai Jose

      Sorry, missed the solo link in all my excitement lol

      Shiori Solo Masturbation – https://spankbang.com/63flc/video/shiori+tsukada

      • botd

        Haha, thanks.

        Am I the only one who has a Rapidgator account and downloads all of them from Javlibrary? I think like $20 is worth it for like 100s or probably 1000s of movies.

        • Hentai Jose

          I used to have Upload or whatever it was called, back when I used to frequent another big booty site (either azzoverload and or something else).
          It was something like $14 bucks a month. But I’d so it every other month since I didn’t download everything and space is limited lol. I recently deleted 480GB of old porn I don’t watch anymore lol.

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