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  1. Ken

    shiori: is the mast beautiful and sexiest women. i worship her and have most of her videos. It would be my pleasure to serve and obey her as her slave

  2. bootox

    Sexy! This girl is something in terms of the Japanese standard for women. But like some mentioned, she needs to learn how to move that ass.

    Love her, anyway.

  3. The Funk Phenom-anon

    Noticed this was posted under the “Thick Asians” category. Here’s another one (Jasmine Darling twerking) — http://xhamster.com/movies/2169885/hawaiian_twerk.html

  4. rayven52

    Thick asian…she would make so much more money state side just saying. I know she can’t speak English but I would be trying to book her asap.

  5. johanci

    yes is chakui-016 but dont exist links or torrents internet

    • glencocoe

      What in the world are you talking about. It took me 5 seconds to look. “Chakui-016 rapidgator”

      Your welcome…jeez

    • botd

      You can find it here, but the end of the video is corrupt…


      I had to convert it to a different format to fix it. It’s not that great anyway. I wish the Chun-Li scene was better and she wasn’t wearing stockings.

      Edit: Or you can try what glencocoe said to find a better version.

      • johanci

        You do not have them in torrents? I also want this video http://www.xmaturex.biz/other-movies/chakui-017.html

        • botd

          I don’t have the torrent links. Sign up to rapidgator and you can get both of them.

      • glencocoe

        could you at least say what format…? leaving us hanging here :/

        what do you mean converted.

        • botd

          If you downloaded it and towards the end, the video gets fucked up, you can download this video converter called Hamster that will re-encode it to fix it…


          Then install it, run it, click “Add files” … double click the file to load it … click “Next” … Under “Formats and devices” choose “mp4” … where it says “Video quality” leave it on “normal” or choose “high” if you want … and then hit “Convert” … it might take a few hours though depending on your computer.

  6. botd


    • MegaByte

      You are a gem among humanity sir. Thank you.

    • Kyoshi the Brave Wanderer

      Thank You my friend.

  7. jWILL253

    I really need a link to this…

  8. MegaByte

    This is my kind of chick. Great post

  9. ilovemesomebooty

    If she doesn’t scream like a little kid while getting fucked, she could make it big time in the Western porn busniness.

    Only thing that turns me the fuck off during japanese porn is that the female screams as if she is being raped. I aint into that type of fetish. Also their pussy is being blured which makes no sense. Japan is like one of the most perverted countries in the world.

    Either way, i would stil tap that ass.

    • MEH

      Man, you just spoke pure truth. Stole my thoughts, must be some Jedi or something!

  10. Deezbuttz

    Where is this from?

  11. Jake the snake

    I wouldn’t pull out….ever

  12. BigBootyLova

    She needs to take some Hip-Hop/RnB dance classes so she can learn how to flaunt what she has. Perfect asian body but needs to learn how to move those hips and phat ass. Delicious tits.

    • GtrGuy4343

      The last thing she, or any other big booty beauty for that matter, needs is hip hop/rap dance classes.

  13. johanci

    alguien tiene el link?? i need this video.

  14. Aalim

    Godzilla Smash

  15. poohbia

    Would love to see her cross over to the USA and shoot afew scenes

    • C.A.

      She’s niiiice, but can she perform though? I get the impression that she’s just a receiver. And there’s nothing more disappointing than a pretty curvy porn star who just gets fucked.

      • poohbia

        True, though anything she shot here would be miles better than the jav content she has out now

        • Dubs

          Wrong, she needs to stay there. Her performance in Japan is the best.

      • rayven52

        She so thick, you just need someone who would put it on her.

  16. MikeManiac61


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