18 Responses to Nina Kayy’s Big Wet Ass

  1. Naomi

    Bad bitch ass

  2. Aaron

    man, that’s a paper bag face with a nice pooper

  3. ilovemesomebooty

    I just watched her new scene. It was weak as fuck. They had to “analize” this chick. Every female pornstar at some point in their career go anal. I don’t mind watching anal, but if it looks like she’s taking a shit (not enjoying herself) then i have no insentive to watch any further. Even if she’s hot.


    This scene is the proper fucking she deserves. I would tap her just like that. Much better than any shit that bangbros, realitykings, brazzers produce.

    • MegaByte

      You don’t like or mind anal, that’s fine…but why bitch about it? Just don’t watch scenes where it is present. Clearly, tons of people do like it. Porn is a medium you can literally tailor to your individual tastes. When I see people complain about the kind of porn or pics/gifs of chicks they see it never makes sense. Like what you like, and speak on that. If you don’t like it…why talk about it?

      Oh, and the anal scenes that I saw her in were fine.

      • ilovemesomebooty

        @MegaByte I’m bitching about it because the entire industry is saturated with ANAL. Its a fetish that a lot of people seem to enjoy. Finding big booty pornstars that don’t do ANAL, its pretty difficult. Again, i don’t mind watching anal if the girl is actually enjoying herself. But you can clearly see, these females are only doing it for the money. If they didn’t get paid more, these pornstars wouldn’t even consider doing ANAL. Their facial expression says it all, the way they moan indicates that these females are faking it.

        I’m stating my opinion. It’s annoying to see big booty female pornstars that i like, being forced to do ANAL. Thats why i bitch about it. Some pornstars have completely converted to ANAL. I barely watch porn nowadays. Instagram is where its at.

        Females got a pussy so make use of it.

        • KingJ

          Very true statement!

        • MegaByte

          Newflash…porn starts do porn for the money…PERIOD! The vast majority of them dislike the acts they do in a scene. There are a few exceptions…but that would apply to all caveats of porn…including anal. They are faking most of the time. That you think its only or mainly anal they are faking for is funny. They are doing it for money.

          If you dislike watching the porn actress you like doing things on camera they don’t like for money…why are you watching porn? I can clearly see when a woman is faking or isn’t into a scene period…its not just anal. That is why complaining about it is illogical and hypocritical.

          I’m not saying you have to like anal. Like what you like man. We are all here cause we the pics/gifs posted. What I don’t get is why people focus and comment on what they do not like? Focus on what you do like. Trust me, there are tons of dudes who wish certain chicks would do anal (Sara Jay), or interracial (Alexis Texas) or whatever…I’d say the same thing to them (well…the interracial thing is a little different, but you get me).

          You are right females have pussies. They have mouths and asses too. Many people would like seeing them used as well.

    • Pete

      I’m still waiting for a link of the full scene on this one

    • poohbia

      Props for the spankbang link

  4. Jake the snake

    Bruh close mouth don’t get feed. Talk to them…see what happens.

  5. Nate

    I saw this super thick and hot lady talking to a bouncer outside a strip club. I asked to the bouncer if she work there. And the guy told me, she used to work on the night shift. But now I don’t know, it was pass noon at the time I saw this pawg lady. So I tried to follow the lady right after that, to see if I could talk to the lady, but honestly I got a bit cold feet, since I’m not sure if you can just approach these ladies on the streets and asked random shit. Probably she wouldn’t even talked to me anyway, like 0 response. So I didn’t talked to her because of that, but now Im kinda regretting that. They don’t talk if you ask those kinds of questions on the streets… Right??

    • Pete

      If you just approached her and talked to her, she wouldn’t have had an issue. If you approached her like a creeper, she’d ignore you. Used to hang with a gang of strippers….just know how to talk to them

  6. beardo

    Fat Nina Kay*.
    You would think brazzers would be done with the ass clap by now.

    • botd

      The only thing that’s wrong with her is her fake titties. No fat at all. I don’t post fat girls here, so if anybody thinks these girls are fat, your taste is wrong and you shouldn’t come to this site.

      • MikeManiac61

        Yea… i can tell on that 2nd gif, her tits look very weird if you ask me.

    • Zorken

      oh, come on… ass clapping never gets old… and she’s not fat, she’s PHAT! There’s a difference.

    • Pete

      Maaaaan if you think this is fat, then I’d really like to know what you consider thick

      • beardo

        Alexis Texas, and Ryan Smiles is what I would call thick.

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