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  1. Dig

    Looks like she’s been on the internet for a while actually. Did some digging and found out she used to go by or maybe even still goes by Indica Renegade.
    http://www.5thvillage.me/u/indica_renegade/ <<<(Not sure if anything is still there or not)
    http://www.viddy.com/therealindica <<<(Back before she dropped weight)

  2. Dab

    I just like a girl with a fine ass that doesn’t seem like a try hard to fit in with the guys. *shurgs* that’s just me. I don’t have to thirst over every girl that’s a 7 like most guys do nowadays.

  3. Dhalalalala

    I dont understand guys that says “attention whore, playing gta to reel boys” wait what. We know that all we want is bang that ass (i play gta)

    • GreenEggsAndHam


      ~ Dr.Suess’s Friend

    • Dray

      I would tap that but that’s not the point, it’s because she knows thirsty guys we see the vid and think “omg, a hot girl that likes video games, my life is now complete!!!”. When in reality a decently attractive girl that happens to like video games isn’t such a rarity. She should reel guys in with her physical attributes alone lol.

  4. Dray

    What an attention whore using GTA to reel guys in.

    • botd

      Mabye she’s a gamer that plays GTA? Nevermind, watched the video. She sucks.

  5. Anon8000

    Her name is Indi Rene. You can find her instagram and FB on the video. She apparently does alot of videos on mygirlfund if anyone wants to search for those

  6. Brent

    Thx so much for posting this!

  7. Dab

    Could she be anymore of an attention whore? lol

    • blackfrost

      well she has my attention lol

      • That_dude


  8. Anon7389
  9. Al bundy

    Must know her name. Dat ass

    • Milo

      On WSHH(/WSC) she goes under the name “Snow Bunny”, she also might go with the name “Miss Indi”.
      But her real name (as far as I could figure out) is Indi Rene. I couldn’t find any interesting vids besides the one on WSHH though 🙁
      He facebook page and instragram are on the video link given above.

  10. sm84

    saw the devise to smoke weed kept next to the flat screen……….?daamn…..she is high and hot………..

    • the squidhunter

      Device! That’s Pipe Suhn!

      I think that it is a prop to go with theme of the shoot Video Gamers …

      However she may smoke pot! Who Doesn’t do something to get Lifted!

  11. blackfrost

    that is really nice right there. great video