11 Responses to Costco Booty

  1. Fam

    Ass in bulk like everything else there. I’ll take two.

  2. blackfrost

    the food in Costco isn’t the only thing big there.

  3. Fat Kevin

    i’ve never seen a costco that empty before.

  4. Sean

    Damn wish I could have been there to witness. Love Costco

  5. T bone

    What’s going on with her ankle?

    • botd

      She’s a stallion.

      • iheartbutts


      • Yeah

        Best comment of the day! loool

        • Fam

          I second that, lol

      • poohbia

        I literally laughed out loud, botd got jokes

  6. iceman8069

    What a beautiful round,thick ass!

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