11 Responses to Walmart Booty

  1. Wayne Siren

    Yeppers, that’s Dee. She’s flashed there many times. Surprised we haven’t showed up on the peopleofwalmart.

  2. Willie Beamon

    Some damn cheeks!!

  3. Yard

    The walmart in irvine,ca has this plus more!

  4. runandgun

    That’s Dee Siren. Seen this before on her blog.

  5. Simeon

    Dee Siren, am I right? Indeed not that pretty, but her ass sure gets the job done.

  6. ks4714

    If the PeopleofWalmart website posted pics like this more often, they’d get a LOT more traffic.

  7. yea

    seems i’m going to the wrong walmart

    • Callofbooty

      Yea, don’t care how many walmarts you hit up. This shit will never happen. You’ll find A TON of fat country bump kin women though. No doubt. This chick isn’t even hot it’s just she’s the hottest thing to ever grace a walmart…and that’s saying a lot. Nice cakes though.

      • mike

        Umm yea she is hot….

  8. Aalim

    Never happens when I go to Walmart. Shit!

  9. iceman8069

    That’s a nice fat ass!

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