13 Responses to Thick Asian Yuri Hana Chan aka Lily Flower

  2. allen75

    You got her name wrong. Her name is Noela Imakon a.k.a. Lily Flower

  3. naughtynuff4u

    she would need 3 seats to ride that bike. one for each cheeks and the other for herself.

  4. 100 cm lover

    And…there goes my nuts

  5. Ahmet

    No need for weird camera angles and fish eye lenses here. She’s legit!

  6. Piro

    This is a nice one. Is she japanese by the way?

  7. poohbia

    Would love to see these big booty jav chicks cross over to the western side of porn

    • KingJay

      Agreed *Hitomi Tanaka* and *Shiori Tsukada*

    • Alf

      fuck hitomi, i’ll take shiori tsukada tho

    • Big Will

      Let James Dean handle these girls.

  8. Asslova

    Wish I was that bike damn

  9. PonyViper

    Got to get me some of that.

  10. JOEJOE

    Just to slap that fat booty and see it JIggle.. haha would be nice..

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