40 Responses to Whooty Walking in Short Shorts

  1. lou

    I remember she brome the Internet for s hot minute

  2. Kevin Anderson

    Personally don’t care for the huge swaying booties, this one here is so right! Thick, tight and knows how move it just right….love me some fair- skinned females!

  3. GDUB

    Needs to show more ass!!

  4. G Whitley

    Nice booty for a blonde.

  5. btrafan

    her ass isn’t big but she’s got the bubble roundness and some sweet thickness, i think she looks great and just my thing.. thick ass white girls!

  6. Turnhertoaeata

    These comments are somethin else rofl

  7. Joenoe
  8. blackfrost

    that is something to see while in the park

  9. Piro

    It’s a nice one, but not huge enought. I prefer the fatty onions ones tho!

  10. Joetuss

    The better question is, where is Julie Csah?

  11. Bootylover23
  12. Zorken

    Hello guys! Well, since we are here, I would like to ask a question that has been bugging my mind for a time now, it’s completely unrelated, but there you go: Where the hell is Ryan Smiles?? It’s been a long time since her last scene.. don’t tell me my currently favorite pawg went to jail AGAIN.. right when I’m starting to think that we will finally get a steady flow of scenes with that fat white ass jiggling, shw stips again..

    Awesome ass in the post, by the way..

    • Zorken

      she stops again*

      damn these tight keys in the phone…

  13. Pete

    Ass is alright but those thighs are beautiful

  14. Q

    Can we have a section where we post personal snippets of “do dirties” that are our own personal conquests?
    Discretion is a must!!!

  15. BSD

    Friends –

    I would endeavor to ASSAULT that scrumptious young PAWG in the park. Love her thickness. Her family would have to come pull me off.


  16. YamsEverywhere

    is there a submissions part of the site, for what you find online???

    anywho, i found this and wanted to know if it was worthy of a post on here


    granted she aint nude, but the size of that muthafucka, and that wobble, this gotta be worthy

    • Q

      Nah bruh!!!

    • Maxwell

      Bruh nah

    • bo qazi

      thats overkill for me

    • Jacobson

      Some ban him immediately

    • BootyFreak

      What the hell are you thinking?! Overkill is an understatement!

  17. Athr

    Men are just acting crazy cuz of her short shorts, but in reality you see hot sexy asses like this every day.

    • Anonymous

      Where? Where? WHERE?!! I travel around Southern Cali with my eyes peeled and don’t see nothin but fat Chicanas with skinny legs, pancake status Asian women, Black Women (majority not thick) and the occasional semi decent Pawg once in a blue moon (none of them worthy of being posted here).

      • Aaron

        So Cal? Women in SoCal CARE about their WHOLE body. The reason you see SO many corn fed and thick phat ass chicks WEST of the Rockies is becasue they all eat like it’s the end of the world. Women in Cali mostly watch themselves from getting phat asses because they aren’t trying to attract african american males ( exceptions are the Kardashians) Most thick white women that like black men because a black man will bone anything i.e. low self esteem woman like black men because they like fat women, white or black

        • dotdotdot

          man, shut the fuck up with that ignorant ass sht

  18. poohbia

    I agree with botd, the ass isnt humongous, but she definitely has a nice shape

  19. Smackdatass

    I want to annihilate that ass and cover her face in my beast brew

  20. botd

    Looks bigger in the video than the pics.

    • Ahmet

      It’s the booty jigglin and the cheeks chewin. The “motion of the ocean” if you will. Her physique is sending out different levels of biological signals (she healthy, she fertile, etc) that disrupt our male brains. Once you get to her IG and look at the still photos of her you don’t get no jigglin or those signals and it’s a different story all together (even though it’s the same girl).

  21. Asslova

    Hey Botd I got to disagree with you man, that ass is bangin and looks corn fed

  22. PonyViper

    If that doesn’t make turn your neck and get whiplash, I don’t know what will.

  23. Al Bundy

    Not huge? That’s an amazingly huge booty.

    • Bootylove

      She’s more thighs than ass. Thick and hot, sure, but that ass is decent, not phat.

    • Hurkro

      Huge ? no, but it is indeed big.

  24. JOEJOE

    If i seen that fat ass wallking, i be asking for them digits , lol

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