Brick House Black Booty


The type of booty only some of us can handle.

So which one…

  1. I’m terribly sorry, but I’m just not capable of having intercourse with such large buttocks
  2. Hmmm I think I might be able to, I’ll definitely try my best
  3. Maaaaan I can handle all that shit all at the same time son, bring it
  4. Write your own

Obviously I’m a C. What about you? Tell us in the comments. (You don’t have to put your real info to leave a comment.)

33 Responses to Brick House Black Booty

  1. Suresh

    Wow, I will take 2 and 3.

  2. Dre
    • botd

      Not sure what happened, but your comment didn’t go through. Post it again and I’ll delete this.

  3. Dre

    Keep clapping that

  4. Deep Toot

    Seriously who is #1???? its been like 6 years -_-

  5. TetRis

    I have to know who the chick in the club is!!! XOXO

  6. Teddy b

    Who is number 1??? Please and the chick with the tat on her ass?

  7. PBB Dedicated

    Handling the booty isn’t the problem, it’s if you’re gonna put in the time to give that booty the attention it deserves. I wanna know who’s number one walking into the bathroom.

  8. Cesar

    I’ll pick option C bro, def. But who is the first girl? Top left.

  9. Joe

    Pinky has the nicest ass here

  10. Bunda Bro

    D. Hell ya.

  11. joe

    I wanna see more cute ebony on sexy lingeries

  12. dirtee

    Nice stuff here…do you know who is in the gif – third down from the top on the right?

    • botd

      I forgot who it was, but maybe somebody else that reads this will know.

      • pgnman

        3rd one is luscious louis

  13. Addae Frank T

    Is there any way, I can join porn movies..can’t wait to get this lady’s sucking my dick and I eating up thier pussy like eating pizza…..e-mail me if u gat the links..28 years old muscular athletic shape and good looking guide….

  14. Blackbootylover45

    Can handle all that ass love black ass.

  15. DanRather

    I know I can handle them all. But IF I couldn’t, I would work on it day and night to live up to the challenge… and love every second of it.

    PS. Those are some grade A booties on that post. You could even skip a day and still be up.

  16. realreal

    Man i’m just 15 cm but i would all my effort to knock em on bed

    But even if they feel nothing i would be happy haha

  17. Karil33

    Good,really beautufull;

  18. Bootylover88

    Anytime. Anywhere.

  19. Curro

    Definitely, yes I could handle it.

    I would insert my cock so far in these asses that the one capable to pull it out would be crowned the new King Arthur!

  20. nanner

    who is the one on the top right?

  21. Viejo Sobreron

    Sí, es una buena discussion. A menos que usted hayga tenido sexo cn una mujer de 400 libras, nunca comprenderá esa sensacion. Es sobre la grosura frontando mis bolas peludas.

  22. Paul

    Ya I’d take that all on. I love a thick ass.

  23. Jay

    I’m good with all that any day possible haha!

    And finally man! Got our lovely darker shade of ladies this time; love all of them, but this is a nice change too haha.

    • Paul

      I agree Jay. It’s nice to see some thick black girl booty on here. We don’t see enough of it.

    • botd

      There’s a few reasons for that.
      First, I try to post stuff that’s at least a little unique, and big black booty is too common. I prefer phat black ass like the above, and it’s also something you don’t see as much.
      -I usually go to sites that have HD video, and those big name sites don’t have that much phat black ass.
      -I’ll try to gather up all the links of the posts I made on the old Tumblr blog and put them in a comment on this page. Soon. There’s probably about a hundred gifs in the links all together.

      • Paul

        I see there is a method to your madness. Not bad.

      • Jay

        All good my man; I completely agree with as much as I love seeing the familiar ebony brickhouse ladies all around, it’s like walking down the street in the booty department since black women are like at the top of that list.

        It’s great to see more variety, any and all dreamly shaped of whatever ethnicity is the goal, yo! Much appreciated with this blog man, I get my daily mental fix here, to put myself out there lol.

      • kay

        who is brick house booty 6?

    • bkp

      love the site and I know im late but who is number 1

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