9 Responses to Noni Zondi Thick South African Rapper

  1. Bobby

    Goddamit man!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Case

    She’s not very cute, and it matters not.

  3. Bootyman96

    Alright we going to South Africa and a female rapper? Watch out Nicki. I remember a few years a go when Music Choice had the MCU (Music Choice University) channel, which is now the Indie channel, they use to have 1 hour of a certain genre or a playlist. They had Hip-Hop U at 10pm every night and they had this one female rapper whose from New York I think and her name was Lizzo. In her pictures she was hot as hell and she can change up her flow. If anyone knows who I’m talking about talk back to me. I’ll send the picture.

  4. DG

    so disappointed she isnt mainstream, fuck the media man.

  5. Garcian

    Besides Shane Diesel and Lexington Steele I don’t even know who has enough dick for that ass

  6. Bootyfreak

    Almost every girl on here is borderline fat, but it’s good looking fat. I’d tap her all day…and night.

  7. C.O.E.

    To quote the great Chris Rock, “looks like a baking loaf of bread” on the borderline of fat. Not to be confused with PHAT!

    • TKO

      This is not remotely fat, lok at her abs, her arm looks slim enough and i see no fat on the face, she just has natural PHAT ass and all.

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