9 Responses to Borat Booty

  1. Lilman

    Nice pics

  2. lqqking_around

    OH MY GOSH, I AINT NEVER SEEN A BOOTY LIKE THAT!!! Lord Id love to bury my face in it, dont think I could hit it bc I think it would be over before it even started with a booty like that LOL 😉

  3. Nick

    Based off the nonchalance, Id say not in america.

  4. ibrahim

    Must have her name!

  5. SoulSnatcher

    Verrrrry Nice..How much (lol)

  6. Udder Appreciation

    Cue “Akon – Smack That”

  7. Traxx

    O.k she definitely vouged for the second pic, like most chics that complain at first that you’re taking pictures, then start modelling like crazy two seconds later (Lol)

  8. Nooice

    Don’t get no Nooicer than dat…..bitch bad to da bone gristle.

  9. Your Humble Narrator

    Oh my!

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