21 Responses to Thick Asians Asuka Hoshiyoshi and Urara Motomura

  1. Camille Blalock

    anybody know this asian girl name?

  2. OldManJoe


  3. Maxwell

    I’ll be honest the only reason these asses are acceptable on a site like this is because they’re Asian, had these two chics been white or latinas they would have never made the cut, just my opinion if you look at these asses without all of the wide lenses and angles they really ain’t special at all, your ordinary everyday white girl or Latina has more booty than that.

    • botd

      True, their asses are average. I like them mostly for their thickness.

    • Udderman

      the fuck is this…that chick is trash

      • _OoLover_

        What wrong with her brother?

    • Jethro Toll

      That would of been hot if not for the flamboyant techno in the background.

  4. President

    H Asuka Hoshiyoshi και Urara Κουτσομούρα !

  5. Alf

    It’s been a minute since I had an asian woman… Damn, this make me want one.

  6. Q

    Really dude…

    • caesar


    • BootyLuv3r

      thanks for the links.
      Now I have some favorite phat ass Asians on my FapList. 😀

    • asiansforlife

      broooooooo what are the names holy shit

  7. Taiwatcher

    lol so THAT’S why you haven’t been posting. you been killing the torrents of javjunkies lol. if so, then 2pac mother fucker, i aint mad at cha.

    • Valentine

      Is anyone else getting 404 errors if they try to click a torrent on javjunkies?

  8. bigbootylover

    you know what’s crazy, i just seen this movie last night for research purposes haha…before you posted this BotD.. still nice find

  9. BigbootyLova

    Hell yeah! I love these phat ass asian babes! I would love to bang those butts on a regular basis.

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