115 Responses to Mindy Sittinpretty Curvy Instagram Girl

  1. Javie jav loves you! You are so beautiful call me I'm single will love to get t know you!

    I would love to see you in person call me im a single man looking for a beautiful woman!267-819-7616

  2. John

    Perhaps the best body I have ever seen.

  3. Aaron Baron

    111 comments on this chick?- does she have flying monkeys come out of her pussy? dudes, get a life!

    • Grice

      For real

  4. Meryg Tounrgeu

    Someone know who is she? if you can help me it would be great

  5. fanbootyday
  6. Brendan Manwaring

    My type of woman..

  7. mario

    What a nice body, loving those prettie piernotas

  8. Lubna Khan

    Hot Big Booty Amazing

  9. Draxler

    she is sexier in jeans,leggings than all girls in a bikini..btw sweet and innocent girl with nice curves round booty

  10. Anonymous
    • Q

      Morgan/Megan Reign

      • Anonymous


    • mtm

      steph kegels

  11. booty1

    New curvy Pawg please here name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCtRRLOuSyQ

    • theMAc

      Them Girls are all Dominican,, and that girl in the middle is Yicet Bueno,, check out also Maybeline Alvarez ,,, Cathy ,,, Carolyne Aquino,,, Angie Agramonte,,, Neyelin alvarez , Sandra Berrocal thickest best dominican girls ever!!

    • Anon

      Referring to Latinas as Phat Ass White Girls…. Am I out of the loop or did anyone at all catch that? Just like all the nerds on Reddit calling clearly anorexic models thick. Has the meaning of those terminologies changed because they are misused so damn much regularly, something MUST be up. Examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/5f2ypb/sweet_thickness/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/4ulxle/thick/

      • poohbia

        I noticed that too, I didn’t know Latinas we considered ‘pawgs’ these days. Dont know when that started happening, but I see it in these comments alot

      • theMAc

        i had this argument about pawgs before with someone else and what it is, but i didn’t bother to correct the guy,, by now people should know it only describes a white girl with European descent,, not any light skin cutie…but i gave the guy a pass,,but true most people don;t know the definiton of pawg..

        • Anon

          I appreciate the input, man. And it appears any ignorance over the matter lies in the spelling of the term “P.A.W.G.” The term in it’s true form is an acronym with capital letters and periods in it telling anyone that has ever read a book that those letters stand for something. In this instance, “Phat Ass White Girl.” Now if it’s some cat that avoids literature and only reads shit for the purpose of following instructions (like prepping microwave dinners for instance), “Pawg” takes on a completely different meaning. That dude will look at some narrow-ass JAV chick in booty shorts and say with a straight face, “That chick is pawg!” because he’d seen the word used on a porn site full of pictures. This could explain the misuse of the term “thick” as well. True, in the grand scheme of things, this ain’t shit. But when some knuckle head at a party is watching an NBA game and someone completes a crazy-ass 3 point shot and the knucklehead yells, “TOUCHDOWN!” It doesn’t sting any less.

  12. Will

    Cotdayum does anybody knows who’s this girl?

  13. Taiwatcher

    Quick everybody go to javjunkies.com go to 11-28 and go to page 5. your welcome

    • The Mayor

      I’m not the biggest fan of Asians BUT…. those thick MFs are so legit!!! Hot damn. Yes… thank you!!!

    • poohbia
      • Beans

        Ty kind sir.

    • mechagonzo

      how do you see the videos? I keep clicking over the pic but nothing is loading.

  14. Naughtynuff4u

    She’s doing more standing than sitting. Why didn’t she call herself mindy standinpretty? I guess it won’t sound as good as “sittinpretty” but it makes more sense though.

  15. Danilo

    Why girls like these http://www.porntrex.com/video/4332/castingcouch-betty make one video and stop their porn also Liz from bangbros,Ava Alvares,Broklyn Rose all girls with nice ass stop making porn why??

    • Udderman

      She actually did 2 more recent vids, one is on spankbang…just search Betty on there

  16. mmmm

    idk but she is like some midget :/

    • Naughtynuff4u

      Most short girls are thicker and carry more meat in their thighs. But she’s short-Tall so she’s somewhere in between thick and slender.

    • poohbia

      I think I saw she was 5’3 on her IG, that’s around average height for a female

  17. Hgckkv

    Does anyone have any ID on this chick or atleast the chanel she works for ?? https://youtu.be/XnNvQD-_gGg

  18. Sammy

    Shit girl looks fucked up bowl legged freak hips. What’s funny you ****** **** don’t know what beautiful looks like, all you see is a ass and hope she responds to your lame ass wow, omg, hey bae comments. She cute but not sexy, more like a traveling freak show.

    • botd

      Beautiful face, hourglass figure, and she’s a doctor. If you don’t think that’s attractive, then you don’t know what attraction means.

    • Beans

      Dude, bet you ain’t smashing nothing better than that so chill. Like botd said, if you don’t think she’s attractive you don’t know what attraction means.

  19. fanbootyday
  20. pawger
    • the fuzzy0ne

      oh yes she is fine!!!!

      her name is mal malloy and she is from the tri-cities in washington state

  21. Rae Sremmurd

    That girl is a real crowd pleaser

  22. mashun
  23. CenzoBoyyyy

    She can lay goose eggs on my chest and I’d still marry that assss

  24. ggairtake

    Anybody knows the name of this girl? I have a soft spot for thic amateurs

  25. Carl

    You are so funny

  26. Werdzo
    • bana

      lolol i was watching this the other day too.

    • botd

      Sorry I’m kinda picky about what I make gifs out of.

  27. mashun

    Nice discovery, also a nice cosplay girl https://www.instagram.com/p/BL1DAahhReA/

  28. jj

    Hey all, any idea who this girl is?


  29. krpi

    photoshopped. do some research on google goddamit

  30. Blue

    thanks to @tallwomenfav3 and @botd for this discovery, I like

    • tallwomenfav3

      you’re welcome! And thanks BOTD!

  31. Jaymak

    Stunning….. Sweet Christmas…. We would be parents of a gang of biracial children…. I wouldn’t ever pull out

  32. tallwomenfav3

    I asked her about her measurements, but she removed my comment lol.

  33. tallwomenfav3

    Shes 5’1″ (in one of her posts, she mentions), that would sort of explain her curvy figure. Still, I believe shes natural.

  34. Xizziano

    This a woman of God, dont do her like that

  35. asksmacker

    What’s her name

    • The Mayor

      Not bad at first glance but it seems that the majority of those asses are fake, which is disappointing. I hate that we are in a time where we have to question if the booty is real. Smh. With the amount of fake asses in the vid, I would venture to say the city might be Miami or something.

      And did dude with the camera have a light in some shots? Lol

      • tor

        Yes but you can reconize real vs fake bcause real make more jiggly and bounce fake cant do that

        • The Mayor

          Not disputing that. It’s just a shame with the amount of fakes out there. Give me some cellulite and tons of jiggle, so I know that shit is real 🙂

        • Douche Baggins

          Fat injection fake is actually MORE jiggly. Whatever, fake or not, if it looks good, and feels good, then fuck it good.

          • tor

            yes dude better fake nice round big booty then nothing

    • Q

      Most aren’t even worth a first look, much less following.
      Many seem like they are running away from a sexual offender.
      Not saying you…
      I’m just saying.

  36. This Guy!

    Natural beauty and intellect…. Talk about a lucky future Mister….

  37. DigitalBullet

    She looks like she might be under 5 feet tall.

  38. Alf

    How long do you think it will be before Trump gets impeached?

    • botd

      Less than 4 years.

  39. realreal

    daaaaamn she won the genes lottery. Tho she could be fatter.

    • i call bullshit

      more fat please

  40. Naughtynuff4u

    Her thigh gap has a thigh gap in the first picture.

    • HawtDayum

      yes lawd…. that thigh gap is like christmas morning (in porn of course)

      • Naughtynuff4u

        Lol word.

    • i call bullshit

      THIGH GAPS???

      get the fuck outta here w this shit!!
      “im into smthng that doesnt exsist.. negative space”
      true thick ass and hips crush thigh gaps!

      this girls an athlete not a thick ass pawg.

      sure shes fine.. but 15lbs and she got that true supple lovn!

      • Naughtynuff4u

        That reply didn’t make any sense lol. First off, im making a response to her thigh gap, not how thick and voluptuous she supposed to look because she doesn’t have your taste of what body type she supposed to have to look like a pawg.

  41. theMAc

    she bowl legged but fuck shes fine!!.. if only she stop working out her ass would be better and thicker..she a 10 still..

  42. Glork_78

    Damn ! Is it natural?

    • yeah

      Seems too good to be true

  43. Douche Baggins

    She’s not just some cam girl, she’s a fucking DOCTOR. This woman is the most perfect female I’ve ever seen… jeezus. If she’s got the personality to back it up, I’m going to start beating my wife regularly.

    • Ahab

      Good on her for investing the effort in schooling resulting in a medical career. It is unusual for a woman on IG to actually have evidence of a legitimate career. If you take what you typically see on IG in to account (exotic locales, expensive housing & transportation but not a single shred of evidence on how all that gets paid for), it is a freakin’ miracle! On the flip side though, it’s disturbing to realize a lot of IG girls are on there with the intention of building a client base in the Middle East armed with full knowledge that they’ll have to endure some merciless sh*t you can’t even imagine just to get paid.

      • baka

        Actually most doctors are not needed except for acute instances, where there needs to be immediate surgery, bone alignment and/or fast-acting medicine such as anti-biotics.

        But thats not the majority of patients/clients doctor’s get, the majority of money for doctors comes from people not knowing that their diet is responsible for their chronic disease, most disease doesn’t just come falling from the sky, or because you didn’t win the genetic lottery health-wise, it is true though that the current Diet that is seen as normal, expresses the genetic weaknesses every human has, it just happens that every human has different genetic weaknesses resulting in different illnesses although they all stem from inflammation induced by the current diet that most people in financially wealthy countries seem to have.

        • poohbia

          What does this post have to do with anything?

        • Douche Baggins

          A sphincter says what?

  44. Iceman8069

    She bad as fuck…God Damn!!

  45. Bootylove

    They evolving, goddamn.

    • joetuss

      Shit, well if you believe this chick is 100% i got a unicorn for sale that you might be interested in

      • Bootylove

        Thighs match the ass. But go ahead, keep saying dumb shit.

        • joetuss

          Thighs match the ass, so it’s definitely real,right? Well in that case, i got a bridge im selling on the cheap.

          • botd

            Joetuss is just salty that she’s not black. Bootylove gave us some evidence that it’s real. What’s your evidence that it’s fake? Feels? Emotions?

            It has all the characteristics of a real ass, and none of a fake one.

          • Douche Baggins

            Not to mention she’s the right age, and fits the profile of a fitness nut / overachiever health nut. When she’s older, that shit is gonna blow the fuck up (and still look insanely good) but for now it’s OOOHHMYYYFFGGOOODDDDD

          • joetuss

            Oh shit another customer lol…look, I say it’s fake, but what does her race have to do with it? Do you have a problem with Black women because where did that even come from? Who brought them up? Why would i be salty over some females pics? Are we all supposed to have the same opinion about things on here?

          • botd

            Oh Lord…easiest response ever. But I’ll answer it when I wake up. Gotta get my beauty sleep. Not that I need any. Nahmsayin ladies.

          • joetuss

            Botd no need to respond, because it’s not that serious. You act as if you don’t post fraudulent asses on here regularly and you act as if we aren’t living in the era of the fat transfer. This has nothing to do with race, and no one said anything about that on this post until you threw your 2 pennies in. I don’t have a problem with white women, and if i did why would i visit a site that is for the most part dedicated to their asses, whether they be real, fake, photo shopped or no ass at all. I know what im getting when i come here, but don’t knock people for disputing it. Anyway, this i my last time on this site, obviously opposing opinions aren’t welcome and dudes get wet in the crotch about it. Sorry about the wall of text but i wanted you to understand where im coming from. Much success to you bro, be well

          • botd

            @joey There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion. There is something wrong with sharing it in a condescending manner to a regular tho.

            And did I sound annoying when I brought up race like that? How do you think you sound when you bring it up all the time.

            How do you think you sound when you saying something like “(Smash or pass?) Pass if there’s any black girls around.” If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that, ask yourself what if you were at a bar and you heard a white guy saying “I pass on these black girls here if there’s white girls around.” If that statement doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to say, then what you said wasn’t very nice either.

            Now taking all your past comments into consideration, all those times you brought up race, and, unless I’m remembering wrong, that time you said something about black girls being the originators of booty, and then seeing you respond disrespectfully to somebody that said “White girls are evolving,” it’s not a stretch to assume that it probably got you a little upset. I can’t think of another reason why you would respond to that particular comment in that particular way, after saying all the stuff you said before.

            Also, if I sound one-sided, it’s probably because you haven’t seen me school racist white people and delete their racist comments like I have in the past.

            Oh and there’s no other official porn site in the world that posts LESS Photoshopped pics and LESS artificial female body parts than this site right here.

      • Cook

        Yeah, that black comment came outta nowhere. Wasn’t even needed. I know better than to read the comments from now on, though.

        • botd

          @Cook You’re absolutely right. People that bring up race and skin color for no reason at all sound dumb and annoying. I hope everybody realizes that.

          • joetuss

            I responded to the comment of “they evolving” because I’ve heard it before with chics like Kim Kardashian her sister and that Tanya chic that keeps blowing up her ass. Like i said, we live in a era of enhancements so why do we jump to believe anything thats out there is genuine? Me saying pass if there are any Black women comes from me prefering Black and Hispanic women over White Asian or Arabic. I have a friend who i go out with all the time and he only prefers Italian and Greek women. He won’t look at anything else…but so what…more for me. How is a man having preferences disrespectful? I know we’re in a sensitive feely feel time but damn, do i gotta lust after everything now just to keep from being hassled about it? The “Black woman originators of booty” comment was due to either the lack of Black and Brown on a booty site or the joy from seeing a Black or Hispanic woman being posted on here after a long draught. Black and Hispanic woman have been known for having asses since forever yet they almost get no play on here. You’ve explained why that is…If i remember correctly it was about white ass being rare so you wanted to showcase what you could find…ok…fair enough…it’s your site. This wasn’t about that though. This was about dudes jumping to believe that every ass is real when we live in the time of the ass shot. It looked super artificial to me so i made a few sarcastic jokes about it and for whatever reason you guys chose to get hurt and you made a assumption based on some old shit referencing my likes wants and needs but you assumed wrong lol. My bad. Didn’t mean anything by it. My bottom line is this. I love Black women, I love Hispanic women, there are some beautiful White, Asian,Arabic women out there but no thanks,not my type. This chics ass is fraudulent(my opinion), but she’s very nice to look at(my opinion). I hope that clears everything up for you. Again dude. Good luck with everything….take care

      • Zemos37


  46. Danilo
    • theMAc

      Major Props Bro very nice link , damm jackpot of booty..

  47. poohbia

    Daynn son, I’m not pulling out

  48. Pete

    DAMN !!!!!

  49. Hambone

    Beautiful,short,thick, and fit #wifematerial

    • LBoogie

      Definitely wife that!

      • Traxx

        MOST Definitely 🙂

  50. LBoogie

    Dynamic curves to perfection of a real Goddess Dam!
    A man’s desire and a woman’s dream marvelous .

  51. JimsaASSman

    Hi cutie,is Gary Harwood from Maple City Dodge your Dad??? You look AMAZING,I’m from Hornell

    • Douche Baggins

      OK, I’ve never done this, but I can’t resist this time.

      Dude…You are such a typical internet moron. Do you think she will EVER see a post from some strange dude that posted on a PORN SITE? Let alone actually RESPOND? OMG ROFLMAO

      • JimsaASSman

        She does have her Moms hip and ass

        • spectator

          internet moron vs real world moron!

          who will win??

          im givin the lead to internet moron at present!!

  52. JimsaASSman


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