9 Responses to Zohra Curvy Chat Girl

  1. HornyXpoeple

    It’s the hip swing and small skirt

  2. botd

    She’s a phone chat girl, not a cam girl. She’s supposed to just stand there waiting for phone calls. Find me another girl that looks sexier just doing that.

  3. poohbia

    She’s ok I guess, needs to learn some moves

  4. Electriwizard

    She’s ok. Not exceptional, but it will do. I guess she’s got a hair fetish; she keeps caressing her hair,on all clips. Lack of sexy moves: ass shaking, twerking, boob bouncing etc.

  5. mrnet

    She looks bored as shit. I bet she’s a lazy fuck.

  6. Jhon Wanker

    If I try hard enough I may get something outta this girl.

  7. C.A.

    You guys fail to realize that it’s her extensions that got y’all thirsty

  8. blackfrost

    she is super sexy….no doubt about that

  9. Spungn

    Ya brah, I’m with u! But….from the front, with those hips, it looks like she could have a big ass!!

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