22 Responses to Bang Battle Part 2 – Split Sex

  1. Truth

    Rachel is always lovely but Kelsi won me over with this position! Damn Kelsi!!!

  2. Kkiddfresh

    Rachel start hands down

  3. BSD

    Friends –

    +1 Kelsi Monroe.

    Have never been a fan of Rachel Starr. She don’t move me at all.


  4. archivist

    Rachel Starr movie is flexiblepositions ballet housewife bends over. one of my favs

  5. B

    Kelsi has the better ass

  6. Fam

    Rachel is puttin in work, Kelsi is just good at gettin that work. Rachel seems like she rarely enjoys gettin the D and Kelsi seems to love it. Hmm…this is a tough choice but I’m gonna go with Rachel. I’m tryna see what that’s like.

  7. HustlerXmas

    definitely kelsi much better ass than the other

  8. da man
  9. Bootyman96

    Merry Christmas booty lovers! I wonder what pornstars get for Christmas? New didlos? Massage oil? Porn DVDs? More importantly, in this case, what did Rachel Starr and Kelsi Monroe get for Christmas? Lol

  10. Ass-God

    I haven’t missed a single upload since I first checked this site out.
    B.O.T.D Keep up the great work dude

  11. Ross

    So, hey, BOTD, who would you prefer?

    • botd

      I’d always go for the bigger one, so Kelsi.

  12. blackfrost

    Rachel no doubt. actually fuck it, they can both have my pay check.

  13. TOP DAWG

    I will take them both cause its Christmas

  14. Olivett

    Rachel, and we need to get hold of that video. I will start working on it first thing tomorrow.

  15. Bootyman96

    Tough pick. I love kelsi but I go for Rachel. She’s great and she can go longer than kelsi. That’s what I think.

  16. Chris

    Kelsi, because she’s prettier and flexible as hell.

  17. Quan

    Kelsi, but I won’t exactly hate on Rachel either.

  18. Anon7389

    Kelsi, trice.

  19. AssGifsGirl

    Definitely Kelsy Monroe !!

  20. Ross

    Rachel Starr.

  21. seanjohn100

    monroe needs to get on that interracial train

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