15 Responses to Big Asian Ass – Part 7

  1. Who is 4 and 5

    3 and 4 who are they

    • botd

      I think they’re the same girl, Itsuki Maino.

  2. BankRoll

    Wow best pics

  3. ass cheeks on ma mind

    Can anyone ID this amazing bitch? [link removed]

    • botd

      Hey bro, I removed the link because I was planning on making a post of that video. In a day or two, and I’ll add the info. Thanks for the reminding me.

  4. nutmonkey

    #5 who’s that

    • botd

      Shiori Kimura from JUNY-038. Her booty’s probably not that big tho.

  5. Yupyup
  6. Spike

    What are the names of number 3,4 and 7 please?

    • botd

      3 and 4 I think are Itsuki Maino

    • botd

      7 is Kanae Kawahara from KATU-065

      • bagel

        what is the source of 3 and 9?

  7. Suresh

    Wow, the first one. Great assets. What’s her name?

    • Pfunkus

      That ass belongs to = shiori tsukada

      • Justin Case

        She looks like an asian Velma.

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