13 Responses to Sexytime with Yuuri

  1. Funkyship

    japanese porn pixelates penetration, da fuck is point of that?

    • botd

      For some people it’s a non-issue. Personally I don’t mind it at all.

  2. R

    Is there a stream version for people that can’t download?

    • botd

      Check the first comment.

      • S

        stream version not working for me. is it for you?

        • botd

          That’s where I got the video from. You might have to try a different browser or faster computer. I think it’s 4 hours long.

  3. GrandMasterAss
  4. C.A.

    Only a matter of time before we’re all literally fuckin’ pixels.

  5. Hero

    If you have firefox or palemoon, download the extension ‘downthemall’ and you’ll be able to download the stream.

  6. Spungn


  7. blackfrost

    guess it’s Chinese food for me tonight

    • GrandMasterAss

      Japanese porn influences you to eat Chinese food? Interesting…

  8. notbotd

    Here it is, but good luck figuring out how to download it…


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