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  1. Anonymous

    8————–> ~

  2. Josh Winkfield aka Arlington Henry Bartson

    Very very nice! You’re the perfect girl for me. my email is joshwinkfield@yahoo.com if would love a minute with me. Together we record another sex scene if you wanna.

  3. lamachaca

    FULL MOVIE DOWNLOAD MEGA —> http://www.lamachacareload.com/23184-2/


    If I had to guess, I would say bangbros is not responsible at all. It looks like these scenes with blondie are being outsourced. Bangbros just pays them for the scenes and then post it on their website with their logo. Why they keep paying them for the same scene is beyond me. Those guys over in Spain need to switch it up. These scenes with her are getting stale.

  5. King James

    Totally agree. And the same for Blondie Fesser also counts for Lela Star. Since her return, only her Assparade scene and a bit her first Kim K Brazzers scene were ok. But it’s such a shame to book the best ass in the porn world and do a totally not ass-based scene. What I want to see in a scene with Lela Star/Blondie Fesser:

    – Close up shoots of the girl walking
    – Ass cheek kissing and licking
    – Asshole licking
    – Ass play/shaking
    – Assjobs
    – Reverse cowgirl/Doggy shot in POV
    – Guy cums on the cheeks

    And allmost none of them are included. Still, every Lela Star/Blondie Fesser scene is worth watching just because of the size of their asses but still; the potential is not reached. It’s like booking Amy Anderssen for a scene and not letting her bra coming off during the whole scene and doing nothing with the boobs….

    • AlFranklin

      Reverse cowgirl is a must for any woman with a big ass, especially if it looks as good as hers. Assjobs are nice too. I don’t really see too many of them outside of Japanese porn, and even then, most Japanese women I’ve seen in porn don’t really have much booty. Shiori Tsukada has probably the nicest ass of any Japanese woman I’ve seen. In porn, anyway.

  6. Asstrobootyologist

    Yo booty aint never played out, thats why we ain’t complainin’ keep that booty going bruh like they ain’t no mo’ bootymorrow.

  7. Bootyman96

    I never say this usually on BOTDs post, I think I’ve said it once, but I agree with everybody! Lol You can be the same, you gotta have an open mind and do different things. That also means maybe do different scenes with different companies.

  8. Zorken

    Hey, look! It’s the potential of Blondie Fesser’s amazing ass being wasted again in yet another lame-ass scene from BangBros that goes exactly the same as all the other lame-ass scenes that BangBros shot with her……

  9. bootox

    This girl has a great body but her scenes…are a little disappointing. She needs indoor scenes with appropriate angles and someone who knows how to bang that big ass of her. Really, I don’t understand this fixation for outdoor scenes. In my opinion, this just restricts the possibilities of positions for the scenes.

    This girl (and us) deserves better.

    • Pete

      YES !! Every time I see one of her scenes, it’s outdoors with some dumb ass talking, wrong angles & too much of the guy fucking her….they’re all starting to blur together now

  10. iceman8069

    I’d still bend her over fuck her brains out and cum all over that ass!

    • Ilovemesomebooty

      The first gif is definitely a baby maker. I mean if you see that shit, you aint pulling out!

      • iceman8069

        True indeed!

  11. Rekka_Kien

    am i the only one that notices this bitch is like the spanish version of Alexis Texas? as in she either only fucks her kind or anything but blacks. need to let a brotha hit that shit properly. her scenes are always mediocre at best.

  12. Mr. 30mins

    I guess the bitch loves shooting outdoors and in public a lot. Get mad at her at this if you’re disappointed with her shoots since she continues shooting for BangBros. Now Doggystyle is one thing but if it were me I’d put those legs back, ass in the air, and piledrive her ass!

  13. Jerome

    Hahaha ilovesomebooty is on point!

  14. loveemthick

    these guys never get tired of these same ol weak ass scenes they make , would a fucking waste smh .

    • G-Unit

      It’s cuz bangbros male starts are all RL fags

  15. beardo

    Can’t go wrong with Blondie.

  16. ilovemesomebooty

    Once again a very disappointing scene with Blondie fesser. She literally is the perfect pornstar. But seriously, the male actors?! How can you shoot a scene with Blondie fesser without having doggystyle in it?! How can you have sex with blondie fesser without going doggystyle!!?! That would be my first position if i had the chance!

    Makes me want to start my own porn site, blur my face, create a fake identity and start fucking some amazing big booty women/girls. Because they always somehow fuck it up. Either by zooming in on the guy’s face or pointing the camera towards his balls during penetration.

    • botd

      I feel your pain.

    • Markcus

      Agreed. I am in love with her ass, defiantly one of my favorite asses yet her many scenes with bangbros leave a lot to be desired. Side note stumbled across a low key Ryan Smiles scene. Put up about a month back I never heard of this site before,supposedly a minor site owed by bangbros. http://blackloads.com/player/3404583/rachels-big-day/
      They call her Rachel and pretend she is new lmao

      • bootox

        It’s not the first time I see this trick. They shot a scene with a girl that is already in the industry but change her name, implying that she’s new. Money talks in the end.

        Also, I searched for the scene but couldn’t find any file. If someone knows a download link, share with us, please.

        • botd

          Had it on mute so I don’t know for sure, but could be just an acting or porn story scene, like a pizza delivery boy or naughty schoolgirl wants an A type thing. Or in this case, a girl at an interview who would do anything for a job.

      • Pete

        I swear, my dudes on here always hip me to some new chicks or new scenes !! I appreciate you all…..

    • poohbia

      Bangbros is the biggest offender to this BS, they always mess up the scene focusing too much on the guy, bad camera angles, and too much talking. Not to mention most of their videos are the same

      Probably the main reason why I haven’t watched anything they’ve put out in years

      • OZZ

        Yeah. Sucks that they do finds some really great looking girls that do a limited number of scenes and then disappear so that the only stuff they have available is some BS Bangbros scene.

    • jabooty

      Real words spoken. You can always expect the truth from booty lovers

  17. iheartbutts

    did her tits get bigger?!

    love her.

    • Douche Baggins

      Her tits are store bought… can see the scars in the crease when she’s on the side getting pounded…. is it just me, or is her face looking haggard in this one? Good thing I’m really only focusing on her absolutely AMAZING ASS.

      • OZZ

        Her face has always just been “meh” to me. But that ass, oh that ass.

    • Douche Baggins

      And I looked at vids they posted early last year, her tits did get bigger. She had them done.

    • bootox

      They’re bigger.

      I just hope she don’t mess too much with her body and turns into a freak ugly monster with a delicious ass.

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