17 Responses to Guess That Booty – Part 3

  1. austin brown

    kelsi monroe

  2. botd

    Yep it’s Kelsi Monroe. Winners of the props are dtdt for answering first and BSD for evidence delivery.

  3. Cory

    Her new brazzers scene is amazing

  4. Ross

    That’s Sarah Palin’s keester, for sure.

  5. big booty obsesion
    • Luv Da Big Booty Hoes

      That Alexis Texas cameo was WEAK! Nice post though. Someone has to know who the super thick and gorgeous brunette chick is that has a few stand alone shots of her own. I love video hoez!

  6. kevo

    crazy that people are mistaking Kelsi’s booty for Jada’s…she’s hotter every time I see her #Kelsidoesitbetter

    • BSD

      KEVO –

      I love Jada Stevens and Kelsi Monroe, and feel that you can’t go wrong with either. But I think I love Jada a little more.

      When I’ve seen Jada at her thickest, and not leaned up for some reason, her ass is absolute ART. The curviness, meatiness, shapeliness and heft of her ass (on a small framed woman), just takes your breath away. And I like the proportionate thickness of her thighs and calves to go with her ass.

      I envy these porn sticks, but I do not think you should be paid money to fuck Jada. If you wake up and find yourself smashed down on Jada Stevens, sack deep in her magnificent ass, gettin’ ready to explode your balls in her, you should consider yourself PAID IN FULL. And go on about your business like the lucky bastard that you are.

      Lawd have mercy.

      • Caesar

        Bruh *standing ovation*

      • Pete

        You brought me to tears….*clap *clap *clap

  7. BSD

    Friends –

    Guess I have to show you fellas the scene.

    That is Kelsi Monroe’s Ass Parade scene from two weeks ago.


    Read ’em and weep boys.

    Deal the next hand.


    • Bigswole

      Lol. Jada and her together would be epic!

  8. jada

    think it’s jada because kelsi monroe usually has tanlines

  9. gphi

    Jada Stevens, I’m jus’ saying this because I’ve noticed that you post her a lot here. PEACE!!!

  10. Bigswole

    Jada, none other!

  11. BSD

    Friends –

    DTDT beat me to it, but that IS the delectable Kelsi Monroe.


  12. dtdt

    I think it’s Kelsi Monroe. Actually,I don’t think, I know it’s Kelsi Monroe. The gifs are from a recent scene she did for Bangbros.

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