Round Ass Russian


Not my type but I’d fap to it on a rainy day maybe. Another one here and another one here.

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  1. Al Bundy

    BOTD, more posts like this please =) for the future that is. Lol. My wife saw me looking at this and gave me “the look” haha

    • botd

      This site is primarily for BIG booties, but I’ll post a tight round fit one from time to time.

      And always open BOTD when you’re alone. Unless you’re with your male friends, then show them and tell them about it.

      • blackfrost

        i know i dated some girls who is on this site more then me lol

  2. j

    look up jenn selter

  3. Desipimp

    Lovely booty! I’d hit that every day of the year! I’ve seen lotta russian chicks with great asses! Overall their asses aren’t as nice as latinas but still very solid and underrated IMHO

  4. Bootyman96

    Russians got booty too? Sweet, but I would also go for Romanians, some got bigger asses.

  5. Winnie strol

    How is she not your type botd, she is fit as fuck, best of both worlds. I call that ass with class.

    • botd

      To each their own but fit girls seem masculine to me.

  6. blackfrost

    in soviet Russia, ass fucks you lol

    • Josh

      I lold so hard at that lmao

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