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  1. Cass

    Sophie Brassaux is so fucking gorgeous I don’t blame Drake at all I wouldn’t pull out either.

  2. Fapgod7

    I’d bang Rosee Divine’s Booty so fucking hard and never pull out for a second!

  3. BootyFreak

    Huh? WTH? I must be missing something. The ass IS big. But, it’s not nice and it’s not shapely. There are waaaay better asses on here that didn’t get this much attention. I don’t get it.

  4. BingoLong

    This is the best fkng post on this whole GHAT DAHMN site. Amazing. It’s like you’re in the room with the natural, magnificence of that booty. Fkng art in motion that ass is…

  5. meh

    we ll never know if she did all that nude for fun or to start her art carrer

  6. Bobby

    She will always be one of my favorites!
    Smoking Hot Body!

  7. Q

    Why is she doing this with a kid watching her in the same room?

    • Q

      I could be wrong but it looks like a kid.

    • Pete

      it’s not a kid

  8. Slayer007

    Does anybody know who the girl in the green top is?

  9. Ghost

    Rosee Divine is one of my favs. Would be nice if she’d done porn, but doesn’t matter. Her vids get it done for me bruh.

    • KingJay

      I agree a nice clean first xxx Porn would really be nice

      • realreal

        or let’s be gentle and hope that someone steals a sex tape from her phone.

        tho now i’m srsly thinking she’s a lesbian

  10. mondotoken

    I find the video off-putting for some reason and I am sorry to find out that she’d retired. I have to admit to be a little irked at comments that porn is whoring and other similar statements because these people are the main ones hypocritically visiting this site mot likely to masturbate to these images before self-flagellating because of self-hate and guilt. Anyone with any real aversion to porn would wholeheartedly avoid this page and consider making a comment about the images here beneath them.

    • Zorken

      Okay, just to clarify it, since I was the one who explicitly said that porn is whoring,.. I don’t see the reason to put on the white armor and come to the maidens’ rescue because it. Well, according to my definition, whoring=having sex for money. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Pornstars fit that definition perfectly so I was just calling a spade a spade. That doesn’t make me averse to it, much less a hypocrite for coming here and watching them, since I had nothing to do with their decision to walk that path…. unless.. I don’t know… am I a hypocrite because I wouldn’t like my mother or my sister to do that for a living neither would I marry any of them? If yes, then fuck it I guess we’re all hypocrites then lol…

      • mondotoken

        Butt hurt-much?

        • mapos

          You’re the one that’s butthurt seeing how he gave a good rebuttal & all you could do to reply is insult them. Psst, your insecurity is showing lol

          • mondotoken

            I got you bruh-“pity party”.

          • Zorken

            When all they got is ad hominem, you know you’ve won lol..

          • naughtynuff4u

            @zorken yeah by him typing cheap insults cause he didn’t have anything clever to reply, he thought he accomplished something because he said so lol.

      • poohbia

        Your not alone zorken, I have the same sentiment on the matter.

        • Zorken


  11. Yes!

    I caught myself squinting. I was gonna get ready to motorboat that ass.

  12. BarneyRubble

    Can you imagine the aroma of that ass … the aroma of those shorts … with your face and nose buried deep in her ass

  13. bow33

    Hi, Someone know who is she and the entire link of this clip ?


  14. DaBootySquad

    That’s what I’m talking bout!!!

  15. iLikeBooty

    In my opinion this is the best video I’ve seen of her


  16. poohbia

    Damn, chick is still fire even in ‘at home’ clothes

    Knocks these plastic blow up females outta the water

    • naughtynuff4u

      HAHA! isn’t that goddamn right? girls want to look rich but won’t afford to look real. that’s mostly these attention whore-type females nowadays.

  17. realreal

    Where did you got this BOTD? I follow her in IG and she never uploaded this. I thought i was her bigger fan/stalker

    • botd

      Haha. Search for “Rosee Divine Snapchat” on Youtube.

      • naughtynuff4u
      • botd

        What’s funny is, dude all the way up there called her an elephant…


        I mean when people are wrong on this site, they’re not just wrong. They’re embarrassingly wrong. Shamefully wrong. The complete opposite of right. The girl has the smallest waist and midsection ever. And fuckin abs.

        • naughtynuff4u

          her abs are cut up like diamond. probably even crush a diamond.

        • Anonymous

          People of a certain demographic are into body shaming females that do not resemble the Victoria’s Secret – S.I. Swimsuit Model aesthetic. They learn this behavior during childhood. As children, they observe their elders ostracizing anything or anyone different from their experience to the degree of instilling hate within these young and impressionable minds. So subjects that are neither here-nor-there in the grand scope of life trigger these rather harsh reactions you see in the comment sections of internet postings.

        • Alf

          She is bad but ive seen chicks with much smaller waist and larger natural aases in unreal proportions

        • Bootylove

          I think he meant the grey pants and the way she swayed her ass resembles an elephant.

          If he’s dissing her frame… well, he can always go back to the skinny supermodels who look more like prepubescent boys than fully grown women.

          • naughtynuff4u

            i see why anyone would misunderstood, but i’m sure he isn’t insulting her.

          • botd

            Okay, my bad.

      • poohbia

        Props for the link

  18. Shoun

    This is the best post ive ever seen posted here. cheers!

  19. Zorken

    BTW where is this clip from??

  20. Cole

    Think she’s running a business in cosmetics and retired from modelling and showing off on instagram.
    Is that video new BOTD?

    • botd

      It could be from her Snapchat if she has one, I’m not sure.

  21. Zorken


    Man, what is this goddess Rosee Divine doing these days? Has she done anything worth seeing besides those Blue Star Live videos??

    • naughtynuff4u

      who needs 3D? her ass looks like its already about to come out the screen. i like her wedgie when her back arches more when her ass is towards the camera.

      • Zorken

        Exactly! That’s what I’m talking about..

    • realreal

      she has been out of the bussiness for nearly two years. I don’t know how she still gets money but apparently she’s not a whore at all, that’s why i like her so much.

      Sadly she never got into porn, not even once. Damn.

      • Zorken

        Oh ok.. thanks for the reply.. yeah sadly she never did porn, just imagine how all that ass looks when it bounces on a cock… just wow…

        What I don’t understand is how can you be glad that she is not a whore but at the same time be sad because she never did porn lol..

        • naughtynuff4u

          yeah what a contradiction lol. probably she like to be an eye candy model more otherwise she would have been in porn in the first place. not all girls with wide hips and/or big asses have to do porn to attract a male perspective. case in point, why are there more girls with fake silly cone injected stiff no jiggle solid booties doing porn but most females with real attributes doing eye candy modeling without degrading themselves for attention? that’s something to ponder about. making everything into a business removes the fun out of it.

          • Zorken

            Yep, you’re right…

            Nowadays, Intagram and Twitter are great showcases for women gather male attention through eye candy modeling and get some good money without having to degrade themselves to do porn, Rosee being one prime example. Well, I said that because I would truly love to see her doing some more hardcore stuff, or at least more nude pictorials as she did back in the day, but hell, if she found something that works for her, then fine..what can I do?

          • realreal

            Ohh, yeah sorry i’ve that weird syndrome where people think that porn isn’t whoring. Actually i was talking about the typical big ass model on instagram that hangs out with rich dudes on luxury cars and mansions, that kind of whoring.

            Now that i think so that is not so degrading as porn. Damn, i’m a horrible person.

          • naughtynuff4u

            that’s okay realreal. i figured what you meant. yeah there are other types of whoring and the one you brought up is an example of attention whoring.

  22. baka

    tbh looks like an elephant

    • Zorken

      And that’s awesome.


      An elephant I’d let sit on my face


    My goodness. Shes a beaut

  24. Aaron

    so natural, not dolled up like a Hoe, just showing us the moneymaker- now that’s SEXY

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