10 Responses to Super Split

  1. Drisvisic

    They need to cast a thick woman like her to play as Super Girl and a similar built lady as Wonder Woman. I’d have more faith in DC and warner bros. if they did…it’d be highly unusual for them to do that though….

  2. sam

    Her body is amazing! +1 on the porn.

  3. Bee

    That’s skill right there! A big booty babe that can bend like that! Sign me up!

  4. np3228

    Got a link for this? Also she just needs to do porn known she gettin smashed by the crew lol.

    • botd

      It’s from her Instagram. That’s pretty much the whole thing, except she throws a kiss to the camera at the end.

    • Spungn

      Is she really getting smashed by the crew?!?!

      • np3228

        Nah I was just bullshitin but still she does hang around the rap crowd so it is possible.

        • Derek da Long

          Tell ya m…m I wasn’t bullshifting my cock. Just tell her I’ll be in town, could you me boyo. With moves like..that my cock is ready to go exploring.

        • realreal

          Yeah but she only works for their clubs and videos. Stalk her instagram, she doesn’t have the typical pics in their mansions or cars like other girls.

  5. 843bigred

    Amazing how a big ass can make a woman irresistible

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