13 Responses to Milky Tiffany Cappotelli

  1. Randy

    I don’t understand the hand placed in her leg.

    • botd

      It’s her hand?

  2. Bootox

    That is a nice set of photos (on link). She is not one of my favorites, but she really have a nice body. I particularly enjoy that exercise video of her…

  3. BSD

    Friends –

    This girl has always made me want to THRUST. Damn, her body is juicy.

    I would do wrong for this girl.


  4. reservoir dog

    she’s perfect

  5. poohbia

    Her boobs got alot bigger from the last time i saw her

  6. blackfrost

    is there any links or videos i can download of her

  7. blackfrost

    A+++ in my book and would nail it till the sun comes up

  8. GreenEggsAndHam

    Mmm love me some Tiffany

    ~Dr.Seuss’s Friend

  9. Woudi
  10. Jason

    HER BODY IS PERFECT!!!!! Does she have a instagram?!

  11. iceman8069

    Damn…I would give it to her for real!

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