8 Responses to Tiffany Cappotelli and Katie Cummings

  1. kratos99

    I prefer Tiffany thou she is not doing porn 🙁

  2. poohbia
  3. Desipimp

    Both asses are lovely but I give the edge to the 2nd chick. Assume that is Katie Cummings. Perfect heart shaped ass!!

  4. jerome

    whoever is on the left!!!!!

  5. DC

    Tiffany is my absolute favorite, damn she’s hot as hell! 😀

  6. realreal

    Sadly Tiffany doesn’t want to do porn, not even softcore. She’s pretty awesome tho, i directly asked her if she wanted to do something like that and she responded what i said without getting mad 🙂

    • HornyXpeople

      I really don’t like her boyfriend

  7. Udder Appreciation

    Katie Cummings.

    Her video with Jack Napier is a favorite.

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