9 Responses to Katie Cummings Phat Ass Lap Dance

  1. adslkgj

    Man, she got chubby….

  2. This guy!

    I believe I commented before ob another post, I’ve seen her at my gym a few times and unless the video is recent she slimmed down. It’s true what they say about make up, she’s okay looking in person. Much rather glance at Alexis Breeze, but that’s just me.

  3. Zoky

    Full Video Link ??? Please

  4. Vegeta


  5. mondotoken

    It’s not moving. Link please.

  6. poohbia

    I always liked katie, especially after she got thicker

    • blackfrost

      ^^amen to that brother

  7. blackfrost

    just take my money will you!!!!

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