9 Responses to Platinum Blonde Booty

  1. Contributing
  2. Al Borland

    Anyone got a twitter/Instagram for this chick? At least a full name…that ass is too nice

  3. Hey!

    Soy yo, o estamos visitando las mismas paginas? 5ta topless se te hace conocida?

  4. blackfrost

    very cute

  5. realreal

    Cute as fuck

  6. yabajaba

    Blah, slightly photoshopped: http://www.curu.ro/asses-big-booty/2014/09/one-piece-3.jpg

    Not a massive difference, but the ass is about average. Damn cute face though.

    • Amon Amarth

      Natural is better!

  7. Guest_01

    What’s her name ?

    • Al Bundy

      From what I gathered, and I may be wrong. Her name is Lisa. Here is another photo of her from another angle.


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