How to Become a Superstar

Gifs from the Kim Kardashian and Ray J Sex Tape.

Reposting this from the old site because Kim is trending. Was gonna redo them better, but couldn’t find the video.

To the people that are hating on her, I’m pretty sure you’d make a sex tape too if it meant you’d blow up like that. I know I would. Hmmmmmm

12 Responses to How to Become a Superstar

  1. DG

    some one show that little cunt kanye one of this gifs, but like every fucking day LOL

  2. Brent


  3. the squidhunter

    HE Hit it First!

  4. Byron

    I’d make a tape with her and her sisters. Hell, I’d take her mom too. The legal sisters anyways.

  5. Booty guy since 1985

    My only issue was she wasn’t on all fours when she took it doggystyle. And I would definitely do a sex tape with her.

  6. botd

    Looks like it’s on Piratebay.

    Haven’t downloaded it so can’t confirm, but I’d go with the one that has 309 seeds (SE).

    Edit: It’s good and downloads pretty quick too…

  7. Al Bundy

    The 7th Clip is amazing! Lol.. I just wish they had better angles. I wanna see more of dat ass. Or better positions, like doggy style =D

  8. blackfrost

    it’s a site to download movies. this is the only place i found so found with the full movie. you have to be a member of the site thou to get it.

    • Tboogz

      Blackfrost where’s that link to? Does nothing for me

  9. Monty

    Hell, I’d make a sex tape with Kimmy just fuk her!!!! I wouldn’t care if I blew up or not!!!!

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