17 Responses to Girls with Glasses – Part 4

  1. Devon

    2 Me 5 is the badest of them all what’s her name

  2. This Guy!

    Applegate and red shoes (although her face is kinda meh) Something about Applegate though, pretty face and a jiggly…yeah, a jiggly.

  3. foams

    I need to know names for #’s 5,6,10 and 12.

  4. Kingjames528

    Someone tell me who number 6 is please!

  5. BSD

    Friends –

    #s 4, 7, and 9 are all porn stars.

    #7 is Keisha Grey, although she’s not that thick anymore.

    #9 is AJ Applegate.

    #4 is Klaudia Kelly, who WILL be receiving my seed just as soon as I can find where she is and give it to her.


  6. masterken

    I just want to know the names of number 1and 12.

  7. Litos

    Who is the girl with the red jacket?? Anyone please tell me….. She has an amazing booty

  8. Vertigo

    The number 4 is Klaudia Kelly

  9. R

    9,10, and 11 any names or source

  10. John

    Yes, number 11!!!!
    Wish she were here.
    Anyone got a name on her?

  11. iceman8069

    They could all get it mercilessly!

  12. ks4714

    I would BURY my face in 11 just like she’s posed, and insert a snorkel so i didn’t have to come up for air!!!

  13. mee(a)t

    Who’s the Asian girl?

    • DG

      lily flower/ noela imakon

    • DG

      lily flower/ noela imakon

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