12 Responses to M’Lady in Red

  1. This Guy!

    Very nice. Different from the norm. Thickness…in red.

  2. callofbooty

    Holy freaking cow. This ass should win booty of the year. Or be in the running hands down. Is this photoshopped. Doesn’t blemish it to me. I just need to know if this is really her ass. If so it should be dually escalated to the status of ass goddess…seriously

  3. Elecriwizard

    Very nice. Very artistic photo, angle and booty. Nice indeed.

  4. yea
    • scum666


  5. v

    Could anybody link a high resolution picture from it?

  6. WarPig

    Valeria Orsini

    • bigswole

      good lookin

    • scum666

      Nice one

  7. bigswole

    damnn, son. i need her name asap! asap!

  8. iceman8069

    Shit, that’s nice!

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