12 Responses to Go Green

  1. Memnoch

    MOST pics are photoshopped, and simply I don’t care!

  2. botd

    The most important thing is which version is more fappable. Hmmm let’s see. Okay, I’ve decided. *fap fap fap*

  3. jeremy

    yup, to good to be true. photoshopped.

    Original http://indosplace.com/files/brittneyleigh1-indosplace.jpg

    • Ross

      Whoever photoshopped this ass has my heartfelt appreciation.

      • botd

        Ross I think it was Martha Mason from the Graphics Department. Thanks I’ll let her know you appreciate her work.

        • Ross

          Oh, so you do the photoshopping. I thought maybe you “borrowed” already photoshopped pictures from other sites. This was a superb job; here’s a hearty ejaculation in your honor. *SPLOOGE*

        • botd

          Ross, thanks for rubbing one out in my honor, but our lawyers advised us against directly answering your question.

          Let’s just say that I try not to ever post anything from another site unless it can end up looking different, “better” or more applicable to a big booty site.

          Personally the shit that gets me the most “aroused” is seeing a big booty pic, video or gif of a girl that wouldn’t normally have one. When I see a pic of a thick, big butt Asian chick, I’m like “Damn girl…schwing!” … That’s part of the reason why we hardly post big black booty. Cause it’s too common and doesn’t have much of an “oh shit” factor, ya know.

        • johnson and johnson

          Hey could you guys Photoshop a photo of me for me?

        • botd

          Sorry bro, I asked the Board of Directors and they said no.

  4. Ross


  5. Chris

    Yes. Sir.

  6. AD

    I love booty but this has to be shopped 🙁

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