7 Responses to Stephanie and Rosee

  1. Hmmm

    rosee is like a living bed. all i want to lie on her. her thighs are unmatched. (Simone Peach also another one i like)

  2. Anon7389

    No updates on sundays? ;_;

    • botd

      Wanted to take a break, but fine I’ll make two updates. Geez you guys, let a ni99a rest.

      • Pete

        You started a movement bro, no rest for the wicked (and booty lovers)

  3. ill phil

    I wanna pump a load in both there asses while there laying like that

  4. What?

    I have no idea why any sane man would want to share those 2 women with someone else. It’s like dreaming of a threesome wit 2 guys and 1 girl. It is gay, if it’s in a 3 way.

    • botd

      True. It’s not sane cause it’s not serious. But I edited it cause Sober Me doesn’t find it that funny.

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