11 Responses to Bent Over Phat Booty Selfie

  1. keem

    Nice big ass I can oil it up with babyoil 🙂

  2. KingJ

    bent it over and make yo knee touch your elbows. Thats what im talking about

  3. Bootyman96

    I like this type of booty, the cam girls are like this too and they usually have the best can shows when they’re wearing stockings.

  4. Spungn

    How these doods notice the unclean room when u have that fat ass rite there in ur face?!?!?! Fukn GGGAAAYYYYY!!!

    • Beans

      LOL, I know right? I didn’t notice anything else in the room until I saw the comment.

  5. Loso

    Gonna need a name here…

  6. dannt

    Grrrrrreat post BOTD thanks!

  7. iceman8069

    Perfect position & perfect ass for me to bang that out!

  8. Willie Beamon


  9. bob

    Bad bitches clearly ain’t about cleaning their room

    • poohbia

      Yea i noticed that too lol

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