14 Responses to How to Take a Self Shot

  1. B

    She just needs my cock in her mouth ha.

  2. bbcjay

    typical. the woman is thick and the background room is shitty lol

  3. poohbia


    Do you mean this?


    • quitfakingthephonk


  4. sm84

    is she in the clip the same person …….? i think so…..


    • viciousomar

      No that’s not her. But I know her profile is this. http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/sweetyxsugar … Still would like to know who she is or if she has a fb or instagram or twitter. OR any videos

      • Milo

        She has uploaded some vids @ xvideos, isn’t that her alright?

        • quitfakingthephonk

          She has a video on wshh. Mia Cortinez. Look her up.

  5. viciousomar

    Anyone know who she is?

    • quitfakingthephonk

      Mia Cortinez.

      • viciousomar

        Thanks man

        • Roy007

          Nah man, she’s Vania Bludau.

  6. valiant

    Its missing me behind her

  7. 843bigred


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