22 Responses to Thick German Girl Flashes on the Field

  1. G Whitley

    She’s fantastic!!!

  2. JQ

    what a shame she’s lost that ass it was amazing!! she should of left it like this


  3. BigAzzLover

    Here’s a link of her when she was still thick.


  4. Funkyship

    Whatever her name is, BOTD gets a gold star

  5. Blackfrost

    oh wow she did lose a lot of weight. that just isn’t right but still super hot. i miss her ass!!!

  6. Bootyman96

    I guess Liza del sirrea has no competition with this chick since this chick had ass and Liza still has some if so has gotten bigger by the day. Good post.

  7. poohbia

    Its a shame this girl lost all that weight, she looks so bad now

  8. SIR

    That Girl is definitely LEETIZIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PROVE: Compare her Tattoo on the Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick

      yea its possible i guess, thats QUITE a difference in weight AND shape. Seems implausible. The girl linked looks SOOOO petite.

  9. Nick

    Me and my girl do this a lot. I call it booty hiking. We go hiking with a lot of our animals and she wears her thong bikini. Its pretty fun.

    When we lived in Ohio we used to do it a lot where there were other couples around because I loved how other dudes wives/girls would get upset and the dudes would look. Its almost like starting marital fights for fun lol.

  10. Big d

    I hate girls loosing weight like that… Go from being super hot and able to give me lots to children to nothing g
    All women should focus on growing their ass to become more attractive

  11. SIR

    She is called LEETIZIA and can be found here:


    But She recently lost a lot of weight !!!!!!!!! Sad cause her ass got smaller !!!!!!!

    • botd

      If that’s really her I have to change the title to German instead of French.

      • Funkyship

        If that’s really her, I am legally blind

    • Nick

      There is zero chance that is the same girl

    • BSD

      Friends –

      I realize that she gotta do what she gotta do, but unless she was sick and lost all that weight, I think it makes her less attractive. Most of us, (me included), are all about the thickness, but I think the worst change was in her face. Before she had an open, happy, attractive face. Now she just looks starved.


  12. Caesar

    She’s got a very familiar face, but can’t put a name to it…damn
    Them hips are on point tho!

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