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  1. Yabajaba

    I swear, cam sites are still an untapped goldmine even in 2021 with OF being the moneymaker. Once in a blue moon, there’ll be a solid 9/10 girl sitting there bored on cam who eventually just quits because they aint making money. It’s really hard to discover these girls in the sea of multiple camsites, among all the other models, and catching them when they’re logged on. On top of that, think of the euro timezone ones who aren’t ever on during our regular hours. She’s been brought up plenty but HellenSweet is STILL camming & her booty got even bigger lol. I also aint gonna forget RoxiePawg; still among the GOATs and was only “discovered” by the internet after she completely quit camming.



    I feel like this girl has potential, but she rarely posts & all of her pics seem very low quality/blurred. Assuming they aren’t manipulated, she’s got a MONSTER ass AND is cute lol.

    • botd

      I got a whole bunch from camgirlvideos.org. And by a bunch I mean probably thousands. Over a hundred each of K@ylee P0nd and @mber Cut!e alone, probably my two faves. You need an Upstore account though, probably like $20 a month. I searched for nointerest25 on there but couldn’t find anything. Unless she goes by another name.

    • botd

      Also, a lot of cam girls, OnlyFans girls, and Reddit girls know what they’re doing… but most need men like us to direct them and tell them how to pose and what to wear.

  2. Dopey

    Whats her name?

  3. Big D
  4. _mtaa_
    • botd

      Looks like she got some work done, but still nice cause her thickness covers it up.

      • _mtaa_

        My thoughts exactly, i don’t mind a little work done well

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