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  1. Everett

    Remy LaCroix is delicious! And so is her booty! 🙂

  2. jeopardy theme song

    what is … no booty in 2016?

  3. DG

    i can already tell 2016 will year of the anal vs non-anal fans clash.

  4. Julio

    Big Ass lovers, does anyone know the name of this fine hot blonde pawg, best I have seen in a while.http://www.xvideos.com/video16239153/hottest_perfect_pawg_cam_who_is_she_-_rapidbooty.net

  5. George

    Bush did 9/11 imo

  6. BigAssVoyeur

    Interesting musings, BOTD.
    Happy New Year everyone.

    • botd

      Thanks BigAssVoyeur, Happy New Year to you too.

      Oh and if I suddenly disappear, it’s probably because the Agents got me. So you need to get together with everybody else here and plan my rescue. I’m counting on you guys and I know you won’t let down. Yeah right, like anybody gives a shit.

      • Chris

        Pretty sure your loyal followers like myself care. You give us our fap material which is very important.

        • botd

          Haha. Thanks Chris. My man. I appreciate it. I’ll try to keep posting new material, even if I end up broke and on the streets.

          Hopefully if you see me out there digging in the trash one day, you’ll hook me up with some spare change or a sandwich or something.

  7. Jason

    Hi. Mr BOTD man… I was wondering… what happened to your Tumblr? 🙁

    • botd

      Tumblr banned me again. For pics that I posted and then removed 3 years ago. I’m gonna ask them to bring it back. But not right now tho, cause I hate Tumblr with a passion, for many reasons.

      • botd

        Actually I removed them 4 years ago in 2012. But people that work for Tumblr don’t even stop to check if they’re on my blog anymore or if they’re just being reblogged by others and still have my source info on it. Summamabitches.

        • MikeManiac61

          Damn are you for real? That sucks i use go to BBW tumblr for a nice fix, but the guys shit got taken down for posting nude women ( strange because i see every other Tumblr out there with the same material). Good thing i found out this site ( and ThickAsians) keep up the good work bro, i wouldn’t even find half of these women 🙂

  8. GreatWhite

    She doesn’t have the biggest or the best ass in the world, and she seems relatively “ok” most of the time, yet she just… there’s something about here where she has the fucking greatest GIFs ever.

    The Hula Hooping
    The Smoke and jiggle posted last week
    Now this one

    There’s just something about her.

    • Lala

      For me it’s her face. She has a really good body, but her face is also really amazing. I sometimes wish that she wouldn’t do porn because she would be better suited in a romantic relationship 😀

    • bootox

      In my opinion, it’s her overall composition. Her body is beautiful, her face is beautiful, she knows how to work that booty and she has a way to tease that many girls on the industry do not have (the fetish factor).

      I wish she stays on the scene for the next years because I want to see her gaining some pounds and getting a bigger ass…

      • C.A.

        She’s definitely cute, and her weight lately is totally a welcome change from her usual shape. But a recent video she did with Brazzers was pretty boring, performance-wise. How she moves with a hula hoop is not how she moves during sex.

  9. wo

    Happy New Year.

  10. Ahhyyyyy
  11. beardo

    Remy is my favorite. By far!

  12. bootox

    Love this girl! One of the best in the scene.

  13. commentingaccount

    Which scene is this from?

    • Lala

      I’d like to know too

      • C.A.

        Guys, there’s a link under the .gif.. I swear BOTD could include a link to his bank account and no one would ever know it was Riiiight Therrrre.

        • commentingaccount

          Yeah it just linked to the site. I couldn’t figure out which scene it was. 😛

          • botd

            I hearya commentingaccount. I couldn’t find that particular video on the site. But the watermark said hardx. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s some new material that’s coming out in like a week or so. I can’t give you a direct download link cause I’ll get in trouble from the dude that runs the site.

            C.A. made that comment because usually when people ask for info, it’s right under the pic, gif or video loop and they don’t even bother to check. But thanks C.A., and my bad uhh, C.A. You’re both named CA… teehee.

          • C.A.
  14. roxiepawg GOAT
    • mondotoken

      Ass appears to be-fake…but you really can’t argue with the results.

    • Bootyman96

      Thanks man she looks great I’m a do some research.

  15. Ilovemesomebooty

    Another beautiful ass wasted on ANAL porn. Makes me cry everytime.

    • Beauty

      Glad somebody said this. Personally I hate anal porn and find it a huge turnoff when a porn actress does a lot of (or exclusively) anal porn. Why do kids these days need to see a girl get grossly defiled and do sick shit to get their kicks? I’m here to look at beautiful girls, not to gaze into a gaping shithole.

      • ilovemesomebooty

        @ beauty

        I think it has to with that people getting decensitized so quickly, these porn users need novelty in order to get that same high as before. ANAL seems to do the job for them. Some people get so decensitized that they only watch ANAL, the female pussy is too standard for these fellas.

        I barely watch porn as it is. All the big sites such as bangbros, teamskeet, realitykings, brazzers wen’t on the ANAL bandwagon. It’s on demand so they’ll supply. I might be a weird motherfucker for saying this but i’m looking for porn that shows the girl having a great time. Sometimes it’s obviously fake, but during other scenes it’s an amazing threat to watch.

        With ANAL scenes i never see the girl enjoying herself. It’s only for the money. How do i know this? I sometimes see girls who mostly do anal scenes once in a while shoots a “vanilla scene” (no anal, only pussy penetration). The guy tries to go for anal and the girl immediately says “Whoa there!, wrong hole. Maybe next time sweety”

        What happened? Suddenly she doesn’t like anal?

        I keep my cleaning “the dolphine material” to instagram, and big ass candid videos, amateur big ass videos. With porn the girl might be perfect but the guy sounds like a cow having breathing problems. If i wanted to hear the guy moan louder than the girl than i would watch gay porn instead. Or the camera man is such a fag that he zooms in on the guy’s expression or the camera angles are all fucked up.

        • bootox

          You are right, mate. I really like videos where I perceive the girl is enjoying doing the scene or when the girl is faking really well but is putting some effort in making it out (like Sara Jay). By these standards, I don’t really mind a sporadic anal scene IF I see the girl having a really good time. I have to agree though that the industry is really into the anal scenario and this is not good for (our) business.

    • Illphil

      Man anal is beautiful! So r u telling me that if remy was doggy on a bed in front you spreading those beautiful cheeks telling you to ram her ass! you wouldn’t?

      • botd

        I’d kick her out of bed and ban her from my apartment forever.

        • botd

          Illphil you’re cool, so I’m not gonna talk shit, but (to me at least), a girl’s anal cavity right in front of me would seem just like a dude’s. Ewwww gross.

          I don’t know, maybe it’s because people are born different, with different tastes? Yeah that’s it, that’s the ticket.

          • Phil

            Have you ever had anal sex with a girl? I used to think it’s disgusting and a girl shouldn’t have anything go up her ass but I was with a girl who loved it and she insisted I try it with her. It’s the most amazing sex I’ve ever had. Seeing my dick in her ass in and out and hearing her moans that were even more intense than from regular intercourse drove me wild. There are plenty of women who really enjoy it if not prefer it than vaginal penetration. The way they show a girl taking it up the ass ALL THE TIME of course after a while she won’t like it and it will ruin her body. But that’s porn, they use up these girls like an old rag until they are worn out and just find a new one. We the public demand it so they put it out there and these women are willing to do it cause it offers the most pay. So in other words we all are responsible for porn being as prolific as it is, customer, producer and the actors.

        • botd

          For real though, every time my best friend points at a skinny little boy looking chick like damn bro look at that hottie with that huge ass… or a wack ass smartphone… I just shake my head in disgust and disbelief. And instead of trying to get all my friends to like exactly what I like, I just forget about it. Cause it’s not a matter of choice.

          If you really think about it, there’s no such thing as free will at all. AT ALL. All the thoughts that pop into our heads are like a domino effect based on everybody’s brain chemistry. Think about it. Do any of you actually choose the thoughts you have? Are you able to have different thoughts if you wanted to? But that might be too deep for some people. So I might just have to delete this last paragraph before people’s heads explode.

          • botd

            Oh shit… I think I just discovered that we’re in a Matrix. Then I definitely have to delete these comments before the Agents find out. Uh, nooothing. Shhh I never said anything.

  16. Illphil

    Remy. Shes a goddess!

    • Cb&Eb

      i can already tell 2016 will year of the anal vs non-anal fans clash

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