Thick PAWG Olivia Jensen

A small gallery of thick ass PAWG Olivia Jensen.

Edit: Unfortunately I was sent a DMCA Notice and was asked to remove all images and gifs of her, even after I linked to the dude’s Youtube channel like I usually do and got him thousands of views/visitors. Even offered to link to his blog.

But if you’re on this page, that means you’re looking for Olivia Jensen. You can find all the images that were here, plus a lot more that I’ve never even seen before on the following links…

Bing Image Search (make sure you have SafeSearch set to off)

Tumblr Search (you need to be logged in, but there’s a motherload).

Google Image Search

Google Video Search

Here’s some other PAWGs and whooties.

9 Responses to Thick PAWG Olivia Jensen

  1. Benny Blaze

    It’s just a matter of time,she’ll being doing porn!!!

  2. G

    and more…

  3. G

    Nice face!

  4. Len

    Absolutely tha FINEST woman on tha planet!!!

  5. Cash

    Does anyone have the link for her on xvideos or her twitter or anything????

  6. BSD

    Friends –

    This girl is gorgeous and thick, but she also comes off as a beyotch in her writings. She is a much bigger dick tease than Mal Malloy. She does all the sex tease and likes the attention, but then gets angry and indignant and offended when people ask her about porn. That said, that body is still kryptonite.


    • jay

      Ive researched her a lot since her first post on here, and BSD couldnt have said it better. Her one video was on xvideos, and that sent her into hiding. Id love to see more too!

  7. marco

    Hi. Words fail me….more.?

  8. Jose O

    Amazing thats a Southern – Pawg… more of her would be nice ….

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