53 Responses to Girls in Booty Shorts – Part 3

  1. GDUB

    One of my favorite subjects.

    • BootyBay

      That’s the one and only Bootystar on camsoda.com

  2. BootyBay

    Anja Dee Masturbation video if you guys are curious, Helping out my fellow booty lovers. http://www.xvideos.com/video22686877/spankbang_nja_dee_leaked_masturbation_and_twerk_480p

  3. Zeet

    Ghetto barbie (#2) deserves her own post

  4. Mailman

    You gotta do a post for this chick botd


    mens room rule….if you don’t know who the girl is….. don’t post her pic #8

  6. samueljr

    Idk if you posted pics or videos about MandyCFit https://www.instagram.com/mandycfit/
    Post about her, she’s amazing!!! Fitness girl wid amazing booty!!

    • poohbia

      For a fitness chick she isn’t bad

  7. stilltalks

    where to find anja dee now?

    • spiderm

      I’d ask the same thing, she disappeared

  8. Bootylover99

    Do you guys remember Betty from casting couch? she shot for naughtymag in jan and she goes by the name of Cali Haze.


    • poohbia

      Good looking out

      She also goes by “Betty Cage”

  9. StrongestNiggaEver

    So disappointing when I didn’t need any help identifying any of these ladies. smh lol where’s the new meat? Oh and Amber Rose so overrated

    • Alf

      I agree wutcha my nigga

      • BigAssVoyeur

        I say she go do a porno. [note to myself: keep dreaming].
        The cellulite on her butt and legs are to kill for. What a milf!

  10. Alf

    This post is more like it. These bitches tough. But the last picture those 2 white bitches need to be removed.. They sorry

  11. Omen


    I think some will love this 😉

    • e

      Fuck yeah!

      Have only seen like 2-3 different scenes with this chick, thought she had done em for fun but thanks for this one!

    • BSD

      OMEN –

      Thank you…, thank you,…thank you,….thank you,…thank…, you get the idea.

      Celia is one of my All Time Favorite PAWG Euro porn girls.


    • twfav

      I love Celia, she’s in my TOP 3 fav pawgs of all time.

    • naughtynuff4u
    • Zeet

      Amen brother! Amen

  12. Vituperio
    • Q


  13. ffwdffa3
  14. Top Car

    What happened with Anja Dee (12)? She’s no longer on Instagram, I really miss her chubby legs and booty. I think she was depressive.

  15. yeah

    lol #6 used to also go by jaydashian

  16. Vikivik

    #3 Seems “Julia lavrova”.. I am right???

    • Blue

      yes, confirmed!!!

      #3 is curvy model Juliya Lavrova (Russia) https://www.instagram.com/uliyalavrova/

      thanks Vikivik

      • vikivik

        Welcome Bro

      • fire reaper

        thnx alot also big up to celia video poster

  17. Joetuss

    #7 is Amber Rose

    • Blue

      yes, I forgot, but is #9

      9_Amber Rose (Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago)

      • Joetuss

        Yeah, thats what i meant

  18. lolxd

    the last gil’s name please ?

    • Eric

      Abella danger

  19. Oo_lover

    2 & 4 ?? Name plz !

  20. Pleassse

    #6 and #12 PLEASE

    • C.A.


  21. naughtynuff4u

    i’m surprised y’all overlooked #6.

  22. fruitsnaddict121

    13 and 15!!!!!

  23. naughtynuff4u

    These girls make booty shorts look like panties. They’re asking to get pregnant lol.

  24. Jk86

    I’d permanently leave my dick in 13’s ass

    • lolman

      You’re gonna cut your dick and leave it in there??? That’s fucking metal dude! ImI

  25. Joetuss

    #8 #8 AND #8

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