13 Responses to Buffet Booty

  1. virginpornstardick91

    OMG !! ladies get her number and find out what her workout and diet is and fucking learn…cuz either that’s plastic surgery or amazing ass genetics for white girl. absolutely outstanding body

    • John

      So effin what???!!!
      I wouldn’t miss a stroke smashing either way, even if the BF/GF, father, mother, brother, sister, priest, play cousin… WHOMEVER walked in!!!

    • GrandMasterAss

      Nice find

  2. illphil

    Dat Ass is like blood to a vampire ! Irresistible.

  3. Bootyman96

    This pic could’ve also made it in the big booty in yoga pants post too but still I see why it has its own post. I love yoga pants booty

  4. Nooice

    all you can eat, indeed….*single tear falls*

  5. iceman8069

    Damn she bad as hell!

  6. Sticky1

    Mane, it looks like ice cream cones Thighs are the cones. Ass is the ice cream. Lucky is the person who gets to eat that ice cream whenever they please. Just don’t drop it. I’ll eat that shit off the ground. Keep it 100%
    P.S. Somebody needs to put up those Kim K. pics. Geah

  7. jaymak

    And here we have dessert

    • Fam

      fucking perfect, yo!

  8. Aggieland

    Damn.. The things i’d to do her in that buffet

  9. h4

    Hit that buffet girl cos your ass is a full meal

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